A hotel built on 18th-century wineries

A hotel built on 18th-century wineries

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The Quentin Winery

Built on some warehouses of the 18th century, La Bodega de Quintín is a rural hotel that seeks to recover the essence and tradition of that era. With his name, he pays homage to Quentin, a renowned winemaker based in the area.

Currently, her granddaughter Irene García is the owner and director of the hotel. This is a young entrepreneur who has neglected her professional career to continue this family, sentimental, artistic and heritage project.

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“The main objective is to value a heritage that belonged to our ancestors,” explains Irene. "We want to highlight the values ​​of the Community of Madrid and our people, while showing the evolution in the way of making wine over two centuries," adds the granddaughter of Quentin.

Since it retains a part of the winery corresponding to the eighteenth century, another of the nineteenth century and a testimony of what was that of the twentieth century, La Bodega de Quintín is protected by the Heritage of the Community of Madrid.

“Originally, this hotel was a warehouse open to the public for bulk marketing. He had not yet made the leap to bottling, ”says Irene, third generation of the wineries. “So, the wine had no denomination. However, it was much appreciated, very rich. It sold both white and red. ” The Quentin Winery

Thus, the trip to the past consists of two stages:

The first, a guided tour of these monument wineries.

The second, a masterclass on how wine was made in the past.

In conclusion, guests of La Bodega de Quintín can enjoy a wine tasting from the town itself or from the area, accompanied by cheeses.

The Quentin Winery

Bodega de Quintín is located in the municipality of Villarejo de Salvanés, just 48 kilometers from Madrid. This feature makes the accommodation a unique place for rural weekend getaways.

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Located in a complex with a total area of ​​2,000 square meters, the hotel has ten double rooms - one of them adapted for people with disabilities - and a large suite, ideal for weddings.

The Quentin Winery

There is no doubt, La Bodega de Quintín is a charming hotel, in which each room is different from the others. The decoration also conveys family history. Thus, the materials used combine tradition and modernity.

The large suite is decorated with a range of warm tones and small accents of color such as greens and blues, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere. The Quentin Winery The Quentin Winery The Quentin Winery In most rooms, wood recovered from the old cellar predominates. The Quentin Winery The Quentin Winery The Quentin Winery The Quentin Winery

The offer of services of the hotel is completed with the garden, the swimming pool, the terraces, the disco located next to the winery of the 18th century, and the lounge with capacity for 220 people. These spaces are designed to celebrate all kinds of events, both business and individuals. However, Irene García's specialization is weddings and communions.

The Quentin Winery Nightclub with direct access to the part of the 19th century winery. The Quentin Winery In the eyes of the person in charge, "the garden is ideal to host a civil ceremony, accompanied by an outdoor cocktail on the huge terrace equipped with awnings and all kinds of lighting." The Quentin Winery The Quentin Winery The pool is perfect to enjoy the hot Madrid summers. The Quentin Winery

Villarejo de Salvanés enjoys a high historical value. From there, the Thirds of Flanders left. In addition, in the town there are several points of tourist interest, such as the Villarejo Castle, the Convent of Our Lady of Victory, the Church and the Casa de la Tercia with its museum. We escaped?

The Quentin Winery

The Quentin WineryAddress: Calle Toril, 2, 28590 Villarejo de Salvanés, Madrid
Telephone: 664240412
[email protected]


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