A bedroom and game room with magic

A bedroom and game room with magic

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Davide Pellegrini

"The family wanted the bedroom to be more than just a bedroom. They wanted it to be a play space and not to turn everything around the bed." This is how the interior designer Marta Castellano-Mas explains the indications from which she left when she conceived the room of little Guillem, four years old.

To achieve this, he designed a cabin that houses a bed with another hidden nest on the ground floor and, on the upper floor, a space for games. This area can be accessed through a vertical staircase on one side of the building or through steps that hide different drawers on its front to store all the toys and, next to it, a slide. A custom tree was also made "that serves as a coat rack and at the same time gives the bedroom a very magical air," Marta explains. From it hangs a swing that helps create the feeling that we are in a park.

But not everything will be a game: a bedroom wall has also been assigned to a reading and study area. Aware that this area will be used more in the future, it is expected that the desk will increase in height while Guillem grows.
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Photos: Davide Pellegrini

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Bedroom, game room, study area ... The interior designer Marta Castellano's studio has managed to make the most of the small Guillem's room.


The family did not want the entire bedroom to revolve around the bed. To take center stage of this element, Mars designed a cabin that houses it underneath and that hides, in turn, another mattress underneath.

Applied boy

The study area has been located on one of the walls, with a desk that can increase its height as the child grows.

Raise the level

On one side of the cabin we find a vertical ladder to climb to the upper floor.

Game's zone

On the upper floor of the cabin there is an area to play.


It has been decided to place a slide next to the stairs.

Great capacity

The fronts of the steps hide drawers to store the child's toys.

Paint on the wall

One of the walls has been covered with slate paint so that the child can paint.

Very natural

The studio has designed a tree-coat rack that brings a magical touch to the bedroom.

Smooth rolling

From the tree-hanger hangs a swing, which gives a more realistic feeling to the element.


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