With these gardening accessories your terrace will be ready for the good weather.

With these gardening accessories your terrace will be ready for the good weather.

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After winter, surely you yard need to go through sheet metal and paint. He good weather It is around the corner and it is best to get ahead and then enjoy it. All the new tools and elements that you will need, with the best offers.

Advertising - Keep reading below Bosch outdoor pressure washer of a Fontus battery, 18 V system, maximum pressure of 15 bar, 15 l water tank, in box Bosch Home and Garden 307,22 € Buy

Outdoor pressure washer

The first thing you need to start up your garden again is to clean it. Get a pressure washer like this, from Bosch, so that no surface resists you. It is easy to assemble and transport, it has a water pressure regulator and several heads so that it adapts perfectly to what you need. Its water tank is 15 liters and has a long battery life.

Einhell GE-CL 18 Li E - Leaf blower with Power X-Change technology, 18 V, 12000 rpm, 210 km / h air flow (includes 2.0 Ah battery and charger) (ref. 3433533) Einhell amazon. is € 90.82 Buy

Leaf blower

Leaves are always one of the most tedious jobs when cleaning the garden. Simplify and get a leaf blower like this, from Einhell, to make your job easier. It has a power that can reach up to 210 km / h and a balanced grip thanks to the placement of the battery.

Einhell Dry and wet vacuum cleaner TC-VC 1812 S Einhell 39.95 € Buy

Dry and wet vacuum cleaner

This Einhell vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning the floors in your garden and making the table area impolute. It works on both dry and wet surfaces and has numerous functions thanks to various accessories. It has great power and can be disassembled to store it without problems.

Bosch -Set of battery-powered mower scissors Isio (3.6 V, blade length 12 cm, distance between blades 8 mm, boxed) Bosch Home and Garden 76,82 € Buy

Garden shears

The plants are sure that they also need a review, so it is time that they make you with garden shears like these from Bosch. For fast and uninterrupted work thanks to its anti-lock system. It has an adapter to facilitate and speed up the work and, best of all, its anti-discharge system that allows you to always have a battery even if you are not using it for a while.

Campingaz Xpert 200 L gas barbecue Campingaz 154,66 € Buy

Gas barbecue

Once everything is clean and pruned, it is time to give a fresh air to our garden. If we think about good weather, the first thing that comes to mind is a barbecue with friends and family. To make it happen, the best thing is a gas barbecue like this one from Campingaz with enameled steel grill.

Landmann 13627 Grill - Landmann Grills 24,90 € Buy

Barbecue grill

Every barbecue needs a complement like this, a barbecue. This is from Landmann and you can get it with the best discount on Amazon's spring offers.

Keter - Rio terrace or balcony set, White color Keter 91.95 € Buy

Terrace game

Is it time to change the garden furniture? This set of chairs with Keter table are what you need. They have an elegant design with rattan finish that you can find in two colors: white and brown. They are easy to assemble and have a modern and ergonomic design to combine perfectly with the rest of the garden elements.

Intex 26776NP Prisma Frame - Detachable pool, 6,836 liters, 400 x 200 x 100 cm Intex 299.95 € Buy

Detachable pool

There is no garden worth its salt that does not have a pool. If you do not have it on site, no problem, the Intex detachable pool is the solution. You can get it in up to three different sizes and it has a cartridge purifier of 2006 liters / hour with filter. And when the cold comes, you can keep it until summer