A kitchen with maxi peninsula and laundry room

A kitchen with maxi peninsula and laundry room

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This kitchen is located in an attic in Madrid. And this is the meeting place of the house. A space equipped to the maximum according to the functionality. It has a washing area, pantry and a lot of storage, in addition to the work area with peninsula. It communicates with the dining room comfortably through a sliding panel and with the terrace that offers its visas and luminosity.

Furniture has been combined in gray oak, model Wood Natura, and in ivory ash, model Minos-E, both of Santos. The lighter finish is applied to column furniture compositions, while gray oak is reserved for the central area of ​​the peninsula in line with the intensity of the black granite floor covering the entire floor.

Blank walls, doors, ceiling and countertop.

The space is organized from a maxi peninsula that concentrates the main work areas and is the nerve center of the kitchen. In parallel, a composition of column cabinets with storage and appliances. In perpendicular, a linear furniture column, high and low that includes an auxiliary work area next to the breakfast bar. In a space attached to the kitchen, other facilities and laundry. All with pure and minimalist lines in furniture designed by Santos.

The project has been carried out by Santos Brezo, distributor of the firm Santos ( The architecture is signed by Olga Lozano, Santos Brezo decoration and Ana Amado photography.

Advertising - Keep reading below Maxi Peninsula with food bar

A maxi multifunctional peninsula is the center of this kitchen. It has a preparation, cooking and scrubbing area. In addition, the countertop is extended at one end as a breakfast bar and fast food.

Stools Mister in oak, from Ondarreta.

Peninsula with several work areas

In addition to the hob and two sinks, the peninsula hosts, on both sides, a dishwasher and multiple storage and recycling solutions.

No visual obstacles

The extractor hood is installed embedded in the ceiling. Bell, from Pando.

Warehouse furniture and extra support

Perpendicular to the peninsula is a composition of tall, low cabinets and columns. In this furniture, a central niche with a worktop, lighting profile and power sockets is reserved, perfect as an additional work area for small appliances. It is close to the breakfast bar.


Two faucets for two sinks: tap Master S semi-professional and Mila S. The sinks are the model Subline 700U Y 500U of Silgranit in jasmine color.


Dishwasher, hob, ovens, microwaves and heated dishes, from Miele. Refrigerator, from Liebherr.

Smooth fronts, topicality and functionality

The smooth fronts and without handle favor the integration of the furniture in the architecture
of housing and facilitate cleaning.

Under the high modules a lighting profile is installed, which provides light to work, sockets and a rail to place accessories.

Column area

In parallel to the peninsula there is an area of ​​columns that houses a refrigerator, freezer, oven
Traditional, steam oven, microwave, storage modules and a cleaning tool holder, designed to collect bulky items.

Furnished furniture

The base kitchen modules are equipped with SAA, the Assisted Opening System, by Santos. With a light touch on the front the drawers open smoothly. High cabinets also feature this system.

Access to the dining room

The kitchen communicates directly with the dining room.

Same color range By contrast

The dark black granite floor contrasts with the more neutral and luminous finishes of the furniture, walls, ceiling and countertops.

Very bright

The kitchen receives all the brightness directly from the windows that connect to the terrace.

Overview of the different fronts Lighting designed for cooking The worktop extends into a bar Niche detail

The niche is perfect to support small appliances (it has sockets and lighting) and gain another work surface, next to the fast food bar. It is very useful, for example, to prepare breakfast.

In a warehouse front Additional space

The kitchen also has an additional space, separated from the rest by a sliding door, such as pantry and other functions. It has a wine cellar with freezer and modules for storing clothes and cleaning supplies.

Laundry room

Here a laundry area is also enabled, equipped with laundry and furniture Ariane Blank, from Santos, which integrate washer and dryer.

Sliding panel with acid glass

The sliding panel that delimits the kitchen and dining room has acid glass to diffuse the light even with the door closed.

Access to the dining room Fully integrated dining room

The dining room is fully integrated when the sliding panel is open.


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