How to make a garden awning

How to make a garden awning

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If you want to relax and rest under the shade in your garden or terrace, go ahead and make this original awning as a candle with a beautiful patterned fabric.

2 Materials needed Spain

A rectangle of cloth, 2.55 m long and 1.50 m wide (this one, from Ikea); cotton tape (10 m / 3 cm wide); sewing machine; meter; thread; rope; eyelets and punch. From Leroy Merlin.

3 Spain

1. Draw a rectangle with the measurements on brown paper. Cut the paper diagonally until you get two triangles. Do the same with the real size fabric and join the two pieces.

4 Spain

2. On the triangle obtained, ensure the central seam with a double hem. Finish the rest of the fabric with a hem and sew the seam with double stitching.

5 Spain

3. With a punch, place the washers on each corner of the fabric and then hang it. To fit well, hit with a hammer on the punch so that they are joined.

6 Spain

4. Cut the remaining fabric inside the washers with scissors. Insert the rope through the eyelets and tie it (not tight) with double knot.


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