A house rehabilitated in harmony

A house rehabilitated in harmony

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A narrow and very elongated plant added to its convoluted distribution - typical of the old floors of the center of Barcelona - made it difficult to adapt this house to the needs of its new owners.

The architect of the transformation was the architect Gianni Ruggiero, of Tool Studio, who achieved spacious and bright spaces in which the successful fusion of styles dressed with very personal touches stands out. To its decoration, very thoughtful and chosen with care, is added the warm atmosphere provided by the experiences.

One of the greatest successes in the reform was the equitable distribution of natural light by centering the living area next to the access to the terrace and letting its window act as a skylight. To achieve this, the passage to the dining room and the kitchen is done through a bay with double door and upper archway window. In this way the central core of the house, practically devoid of windows, lights up remarkably. The dining room and kitchen share an atmosphere with a predominance of designer furniture in contrast to the hydraulic floor.

The other end of the house, facing a much quieter interior courtyard, was reserved to install the master bedroom connected to an adjoining room, perfect as a work area. In the bathroom the fusion between old and modern is spectacular. The floor and walls were covered in polished cement of aged appearance, a coating that perfectly integrates the original windows and radiators, as well as the bathtub, acquired in 1927, which stars in the space.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room was decorated with a casual look

The daily life of family life leaves its mark on the decoration of each environment; some pictures on the floor, some messy books or pillows splashed on the floor convey real sensations and enrich the whole pleasantly. White bookstores, from Ikea. Chaise longue, from Expo Mobi. FLAT>

Pure harmony in the living room

The main source of light is in the living room, arrives through the terrace and enters the dining room, in the next room. Also the walls in sand tone enhance clarity and allow a suggestive decoration, with objects and furniture very varied. Sofa (€ 1,500) and red winding chaise longue (€ 600); both, from Expo Mobi. Cushions, Texture. Upholstered beanbag in beige, from Ikea. FLAT>

Warm atmosphere in the living area

The original pavements of the house, which were preserved as they were, are hydraulic; Therefore, a large mat that delimits the space and makes it more comfortable was placed in the living area. Next to the piano was a klim, which comes from Istanbul. FLAT>

Style keys

The acquisition and recovery of certain unusual pieces permeates the salon of sophistication and personality. The coffee table, for example, is a pallet recycled by the owner.
The complements and personal objects are the best allies when it comes to achieving lived and comfortable environments. Here you could not miss a guitar or the presence of a piano as a reflection of the owners' hobbies. Diverse books and some works of art complete the space in harmony. FLAT>

Color notes in the decoration

Focal points in terms of color are concentrated in some of the auxiliary furniture; the blue tables, the red chair and the chaise longue in this same color are responsible for increasing the color intensity. Red chair and folding table painted in blue, by Ikea. On the sidewalk, white blanket with fringes, Texture. FLAT>

Very decorative personal details

We are struck by the old radio cabinet, inherited from the former owners of the apartment, which now serves as an auxiliary. On the old wooden radio -which the former owners left as inheritance in the house- highlights a simple but careful decorative composition. Wands of green branches in glass jars, regular reading books or small objects purchased on trips make up a very attractive still life that brings liveliness to this environment.

The dining room is the meeting center

The dining room, which shares space with the kitchen, lacked windows, so it was a bit dark. Now, thanks to the double showcase door with upper arch, the light enters directly from the living room. The sobriety of his style makes possible his integration in the living room and in the kitchen. The solid wood table and the black and white chairs are from Ikea. FLAT>

Key ideas of the reform

The elimination of the doors of passage was a perfect solution to communicate spaces without altering the master walls. The staircase leading to the roof is a suspended snail model, with flying steps that, visually, does not take up space. These decisions helped maintain the spirit of housing and gain breadth and natural light. FLAT>

Functional furniture in the kitchen

The kitchen cabinets were installed on a single front to lighten the space and integrate them better. As for its finish, a very attractive chrome paneling was chosen, which also acts as a reflector of natural light. Kitchen cabinets made to measure by a carpenter. Stools, by Habitat. In the foreground table and white chair acquired in Ikea. COOKING AREA>

Cooking zone on a peninsula

The hob was installed as close as possible to the only window in this area, to ventilate and release the kitchen from odors. An original white and steel glass bell chairs this corner that was extended in the form of a bar and was completed with modern stools. Benches, Habitat. Household, by Ikea. White cloths, Texture. FLAT>

Bedroom, rest area

The charm of the bedroom is clear as soon as it crosses its threshold; from the colorful showcase door, to the arch with a molding that separates it from the next room, destined to work space. The mattress rests directly on the floor, on a warm carpet, as a tatami. Coffee tables, from Ikea; Table lamp in the form of a little man, by Vinçon. Bedding, Texture. FLAT>

Color balance in the bedroom

Bedding is key to determining the style of the bedroom and to recreate a cool or warm environment, depending on the season of the year. Here, for example, we opted for a youthful style with a blue white striped quilt and a sand-colored blanket. Palma model bedspread, Lui blanket and Isaura pink wool cushion; All acquired in Texture. FLAT>

Charming bathroom

After the reform the bathroom retains the retro air, although it is enriched with sanitation and current materials. The windows and the radiator are the originals, as is the bathtub, which dates back to 1927. Instead, the floor and walls were coated with polished cement. The work shower was protected with transparent screens and covered with a wooden floor. FLAT>


The presence of original elements and coverings was perfectly combined in the kitchen with designer furniture and techno appliances.