Home theater: Set up your own room

Home theater: Set up your own room

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This weekend the awards of the Spanish film academy, the Goya Awards, are presented. And if you don't have a better plan, we encourage you to enjoy a movie night at home. But for this prepare your room for the occasion. We give you ideas to equip your living room as if it were a movie theater.

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Not even the most techno rooms will offer you the same comfort as the armchair Iceberg, by Maisons du Monde, with a matching footrest.

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How to place the speakers of a home cinema 5.1

It is a multichannel system. The number that appears before the point indicates the speakers you have, and the one behind it, the number of subwoofer or responsible for serious sounds. Place them facing where you sit: one on each side of the TV, one in front of the screen, the subwoofer next to it, and the other two, behind the sofa.

Get one here € 246.99

The proyector

The kind of home cinema VPL-VW520ES It provides 4K images even in rooms with natural light, bright colors and 1,800 lumens of brightness. In black or white, it is from Sony.

Buy it here € 9,678.90

The sofa option

If you don't have room for your guests, get fast with a removable sofa. This inflatable sofa is also a bed so it will be great if the evening is extended.

Buy it here € 59.95

Ultra HD TV

Essential: a TV to watch the Goya gala.

The television Smart TV 4K ULTRA HD from Sony, it achieves sharper intense images thanks to its 4K images.

Buy it here € 630.91

The blanket

Essential in winter, it is very useful to hide behind it in the most terrifying scenes.

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Film spotlights

Create atmosphere with a lamp inspired by the focus of the shootings. Like this retro model Hollywood.

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In tray

For moviegoers who don't want to miss anything, this tray with legs will allow them to dine without missing a single frame. With folding legs.

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The best popcorn

Take them freshly made with this retro popcorn. And enjoy the night with a good bowl of popcorn.

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To chop

Use cardboard boxes, like in the cinema. These are from Unique Party.

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