A fun and multicolored house

A fun and multicolored house

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Affectionately known as the house of the three efes by the names of their owners -François, Fabienne and their daughter Fanny- their owners discovered it when they searched A home in the countryside. It was not a love at first sight, but they knew how to guess the potential it had. “Narrow, the facade, full of cracks, only had two windows. It was very dark, and we decided to create an 8 meter long viewpoint for the light to enter, ”says Fabienne. Another drawback was that the ground floor had seven rooms. "I did not want partitions, but an open space that included the living room, dining room and kitchen," says the owner.

The transformations planned by the owners required the advice of its architect, Denis Ranjard. The staircase of the house was in the center and hindered the passage. That is why it was replaced by a new one, which was attached to the wall and released an open space where the living room, dining room and kitchen were located. Finally, on the first floor - reserved for bedrooms and bathrooms - a new wooden structure was added that is used as a loft.

The impression of finding ourselves in a holiday home is achieved through color, "a second skin for me and a wonderful antidote against the moodiness," says Fabienne, professional designer and illustrator. The facade was painted in light blue, a tone that enhances the feeling of a holiday home. And inside, the colorful is created through of furniture and accessories that stand out on white painted wooden walls. Combined to the smallest detail, they achieve a house fun and cheerful, just as their owners dreamed.

Advertising - Keep reading below Salon in vitamin tones

The furniture and accessories in color stand out on the white wall. Behind the sofa with pink cushions - in tune with the floor lamp - a shelf with little background exhibits multicolored vases and serves as a support for a light garland.

Sofa, by La Redoute. Upholstered cushions with Designers Guild fabrics. Mesa, by La Bulle Verte. Lamps: standing, similar in Maisons du Monde; the transparent is the model Bourgie, from the Kartell firm.

Decoration with vases

For Fabienne, the owner of the house, “a solo object doesn't interest me; It only makes sense when repeated and creates a lively and interesting atmosphere in the room. ” An example? Vases of different colors that follow each other on the shelf of the room.

Rotan seats

This material is usually used outdoors. In this case, your choice to furnish the living room is intentional, since the sofas are used as a link between the interior and the garden, which merge through the gazebo.

Integrated spaces

The original ground floor had seven rooms. After the reform the unnecessary walls were demolished and the staircase was moved to the side so that nothing interfered in the new distribution: a space in which to be, dining room and kitchen follow one another.

The children's bench decorated in lilac was purchased at Vertbaudet. The console that separates the living area from the dining room was the parents of the owner. Repainted several times, it has gone through turquoise, orange ... until it reaches the current green apple.

An extra long viewpoint

The ground floor of the house only had two windows. The owners replaced the walls with an eight-meter viewpoint that allows natural light to pass inside and offers magnificent views of the garden. On the viewpoint you can see the wooden facade: the slats hide the original materials - plaster and limestone -, which were in very bad conditions. Painted in light blue, it conveys joy and evokes the houses on the coast.

White walls

Inside the house, the walls were covered with untreated wooden planks, in different sizes, and painted in white.
The walls reflect the natural light that enters from the garden - in the living room, multiplied by the mirror. The planks, having a horizontal format, give the feeling that
The space is wider.

Giant cups

Its XXL size version is a nod to the universe of the story Alice in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll. The model, exposed on the console, is repeated up to three times as an original decorative resource and full of humor.
Giant cups, in

Cozy corner under the stairs

Take advantage of the lower space to place a bench, a sideboard or, as in this case, the musical corner with a piano. If you include a point of light, you can illuminate the area and the atmosphere will gain charm.

An original decorative piece

If the owners wanted to have coffee in it, they would need 200 cups of espresso to fill it. Giant cups have a decorative mission: get attention and surprise. But you can also find a practical application such as fruit bowl, salad bowl or centerpiece.

Cheerful dining room

The dining room has a festive air thanks to its bright color: around the table chairs were placed in different shades. The owners were inspired by this color palette to paint the frames of the photographs located on the wall, at the bottom of the stairs. Chairs La Marie, designed by Philippe Starck for the Kartell firm. On the table, coffee set decorated with butterflies, by Fleux.

Glasses inspired by nature

Boosts the charm of a country house with utensils inspired by flowers, birds ... These glasses enhance the simplicity of its white design with silicone butterflies. Are from

A combo bar

Being a holiday home, the bar was designed to prepare cocktails with friends. Its height, noticeable in this image, is perfect for layered in it and, once ready, go out to the garden to taste the glasses.

Kitchen behind the bar Hearst

The kitchen was located. The bar and the furniture of the sink were made with exposed bricks, which fit well with the walls painted in white. A wooden shelf that includes halogens was fixed on the bar: colored bottles were placed at the top and the bottom one includes rails to place the cups by the base.

Cheerful decorative objects

When plates, glasses and cutlery have a very striking design, it is not necessary to hide them inside a closet. Place them neatly and they will become cheerful decorative objects.

Design ladder

The architect who was in charge of the reform, Denis Ranjard, planned a light staircase, with maple steps. The absence of risers and the design of the railings allows the light to pass through the structure, thus providing an extra dose of luminosity. The wall that accompanies the stairs along the three floors that the house has becomes a gallery, with photos of family and friends framed.

Children's bedroom for a girl

In it the pink color predominates over the white background. The bunk allows its small owner to invite her friends to sleep.
Although Fanny usually uses the lower bed, it transforms into a comfortable sofa during the day, perfect for reading and relaxing on fluffy cushions of multiple designs and colors.
The cushions and the plaid They are from Designers Guild, for sale in Usera usera.

Custom headboard

In their bedroom, the owners decorated the wall where the bed rests with the portraits of father and mother made by their daughter. The owner personally painted the bedside tables, the dresser and the photo frames - in the image on the right - with a combination of two shades, light blue and apple green, so that the environment was balanced and harmonious.
Cushions and bedspread, by Designers Guild, for sale in Usera Usera.

Walls full of photographs

The wall opposite the bed was furnished with a dresser and a composition of family photographs that adapts to the shape of the gable roof. The formats of the images, vertical and horizontal, and the alternation of green and celestial frames, give dynamism to the wall.

The color palette used in furniture and accessories, with pastel tones and vitamin, makes the family and their guests feel that they enjoy a holiday home all year.

Turquoise bathroom

The map of Corsica created by the owner is the focal point in the bathroom. Fabienne moves any design on paper, porcelain or crockery. The turquoise color of the Mediterranean tones with the color of the floor and the work furniture, covered with tiles, which extends on the front of the washbasin.

Plan and ideas of the reform


- The walls come alive thanks to the photographs They remember the best moments with family and friends. Exhibited in compositions, their frames are painted in colors that harmonize with each environment: with the dining room chairs on the ground floor, with the dresser in the owners' bedroom and in a subtle combination of tones that serves as a decorative link in the flights of stairs.

- The viewpoint offers a magnificent garden perspective from the living room, dining room or kitchen. The barriers between exterior and interior merge: even inside the house it seems that we are in full nature!

- The color palette used in furniture and accessories, with pastel tones and vitamin, make the family and their guests feel that they enjoy a holiday House all year.

Ground Floor Plan