Ideas to prepare a perfect table

Ideas to prepare a perfect table

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We open the door of a delicious decoration shop, located in the center of Madrid. We are in A-Typica and their founders welcome us with open arms: Paola de Herrera, Claudia Aguirre and Marina de Herrera. This team is a specialist in organizing all kinds of events (let's not just think about weddings), but also has exclusive, delicate and original pieces to decorate the house. In the middle of vases, dishes, tablecloths, glassware, tables, sideboards, candles ... tells us what are the 17 infallible ideas to prepare, assemble and decorate a perfect table for guests. And there are ideas of all kinds, both for evenings held inside the room and in the garden or terrace.

Take note of each idea and you will be the perfect host or hostess.

Advertising - Read on below How to prepare a table for guests

What to try to get when preparing a table for the guests?

When you invite someone to your home, the most important thing is that they are comfortable. In addition to the decoration, you must seek the comfort of all guests to ensure the success of the evening. As for the decoration, one of the members of A-Typical, Marina de Herrera, prefers that her guests get disconnected through the compositions she makes at the tables. "Let them forget where they are for a moment and enjoy a plan among friends at a beautiful table", He proposes us.

Lighting at night. Flowers by day

A basic that should not be missing on a table prepared in an interior space?

A table inside must be well lit, so the most beautiful accessories are highlighted. If the meeting is during the day, "I really like to pay full attention to flowers and tablecloths." During the day, bet on a cheerful and colorful decoration.

Candles for the night

And in a composition prepared outdoors?

On an outdoor table, it is always good that there is something that shade. In the event that lunch or dinner is at night, beautiful candles, which create atmosphere. Watch out for the wind! Protect candles in tall glass containers in this case.

Should we put tablecloth on the table?

Tablecloth yes, no or depends?

It depends! In addition to the tablecloth, there are the low plates, the individual ones, the table runners ... There are ideal elements according to what occasion.

Discover the variety of textiles to decorate a table in the A-Typical store.

Pieces that shine with their own light on the table

What is the star piece on a table?

On a table there can be several protagonists, crockery, glassware, flowers ... It is important to choose one piece at a time and then choose the rest of the elements according to this decision. Remember Marina de Herrera, from A-Typical: "Too much information stuns. The harmony between the elements is important."

Floral arrangements on the table

Do flower arrangements matter on the table? How should they be?

Flower arrangements are always a good choice, but not the only one right. The most important thing when choosing a center is not to prevent or disturb the conversation at the table.

At elongated tables, A-Typical recommends that you follow the table path from one end to the other and depending on the type of lunch or dinner you can play with heights, for example.

For round or square tables, the centerpieces should be more collected.

Candles on the table

Candles on the table?

A table at night must always have candles. They create a warm, intimate atmosphere and their dim light is always wonderful.

A menu for every occasion

Do you think you have to prepare the menu depending on the style of the meeting, depending on whether it is informal, family, with friends or work?

"Yes, when preparing any meeting you have to consider all the factors so that they have a meaning", Marina proposes.

A formal table asks for a more refined meal. Meetings, both family and friends or work, always have a reason and that is what marks the formality of the event. Something informal but very careful can be very successful.

A snack that never fails

Any appetizer or recipe that always works for you and that you "use" in your meetings?

"At home we always put mini appetizer spring rolls, they fly !!", Marina reveals us, from A-Typical.

Glassware and tableware collection

Do you recommend investing in pieces that can always be used on the table, regardless of the trend?

"The good glassware and crockery, with a classic point, are timeless. The same goes for cutlery. You don't have to be afraid to use the good pieces we have, it's the way to enjoy them every day. It's a shame that tableware, glassware and cutlery live in cabinets or boxes. "

Mix on the table?

Mix of pieces on the table yes or no?

The mixes are beautiful and you don't have to be afraid to have fun, using colors, mixing materials, choosing different tablecloths and napkins ... A-Typical prefers that there is always a common thread so that everything has coherence within the madness.

Combine colors and hit

Some trick to hit the color scheme on the table.

When it comes to combining colors you don't have to be afraid, many times the most unexpected mixtures are the ones that work best. The most important thing is that they don't kill each other and that everything makes sense. For example, if we choose napkins in different cheerful colors, the tablecloth should be simple so that the set is not too strident. When we sit for lunch or dinner at a table, everything is part of the experience and enjoyment.

Buffet celebration

And about buffet celebrations? What do you recommend: a table with food and another or several ready to sit?

The buffets are fun and very dynamic, they allow you to decorate both with food and with different elements. The most important thing in a buffet is that the table where the food is not half empty. It is better to remove the tray when there is little left and replace it for another thing. In A-Typical we choose to set a table with food, another with a drink and then different tables and / or corners for people to feel.

Also on a low table

If the meeting is more informal, the low table in the living area is also perfect for preparing a snack, drinks or coffee. Do not forget to decorate it with a striking floral arrangement.

Magic corners

Note that you have taken care of the details. Prepare the stay for the evening and create magical corners around the table.

Elements that transform

In those corners and special setting that should be created, use items that you like and have at home such as suitcases, buckets, baskets, teapots, tureens ... and use them as a support to show off flowers and plants, for example.