We talked to Cristina Ferrer, a very 'foodie' influencer

We talked to Cristina Ferrer, a very 'foodie' influencer

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Clara B. Martín

Cristina Ferrer is a known influencer specialized in Food and kitchen organization. On its website it offers tips and recipes. He also teaches workshops and advises.

You are an expert in batch cooking, what does it consist of? In preparing part of the dishes in advance, so when you are in a hurry during the week you already have work in advance. Also, when you organize, you only buy what you need and waste less products. It helps you eat better every day and is a great time and money saver. People sign up for this trend and I notice it because interest in the workshops I organize has increased.

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If we open your fridge, there is never a shortage ... Fruit and vegetable. Nor dark chocolate for sweet treats and a good mustard in case I want to improvise a dressing. For a hurry, canned vegetables and fish are great. Pickles and cheeses are my downfall.

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What utensils do we have to invest in?In an express pot, which prepares creams and stews in record time, good knives and nonstick pans.

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As an advisor, what has been your biggest challenge? Get people to overcome the lack of time and motivation when cooking.

For your recipes you are inspired by travel. Tell us a good destination. I loved visiting London with the children. Its cuisine is very interesting.


Being in the kitchen was not your favorite dedication until you had family. How did you start With simple and traditional dishes: vegetable stews, pasta and some cake. I tried different things and was inspired by more exotic recipes until I was creating my own cooking style.

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When did you start practicing it? It was out of necessity. I wanted my family to eat well, but I had little time to cook daily. On the weekends I began to prepare several dishes that served as the basis for making dinner. One thing led to another and, in the end, I have become an expert on this subject.

How are quantities calculated? It is necessary to plan the menu. Thus, you review the pantry and only acquire the ingredients that you don't have. The dishes that never fail are legumes, because they remain phenomenal in the fridge, and goulash, a stew that always triumphs.

You have a dinner with surprise guests, what menu do you prepare? Caramelized pear salad, salt pork loin and cheese flan. Delicious and easy, it's on my website!