New cosmetic treatments

New cosmetic treatments

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A special dinner, a specific date, your wedding ... there are appointments that require a more powerful shock facial beauty treatment that provides extra luminosity
and hydration to facial skin.

PBSerum Radiant aims to erase the signs of fatigue, stimulate the regeneration of the skin and provide a more lasting luminosity.

After cleaning and toning of the face, neck and décolleté, the concentrate is applied, a lyophilized cocktail based on the enzyme Karetinase and pure Vitamin C, in combination with manual massage and electroporation apparatus. Finally, an LED mask is applied that achieves a biostimulant effect that accelerates cell regeneration (€ 115 / session). All the info in

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What better plan to de-stress yourself than to enjoy a beauty moment among friends? It's about booking an afternoon in a space nailcare Professional, with all the New York charm and glamor. For three hours each of you can enjoy the complete manicure and pedicure services, made with products of the Pure Fiji firm, formulated with oils of flowers and exotic fruits, which leave the skin silky and hydrated, and with Essie enamels or Zoya And of course, there will be a selection of cocktails and sweet and savory snacks, as in any party worth its salt. More info at (€ 700 approx. According to number of participants).

Hand Made Beauty Products

Hand Made Beauty products are organic and are in total harmony with nature. Its creator, Diana Burillo, has also founded centers specialized in this philosophy //

Dietary supplement

Do you need a detox cure? Balanced diet, exercise, 2 l of water a day and a food supplement such as DetoxiDren, from Siken, to eliminate toxins, liquids and fats.

Sensilis oil

Its innovative formula combines in this Sensilis oil the best benefits for your skin. Supreme DTX (€ 29/50 ml).

Hair lotion

Vinegar hair lotions, by Christophe Robin, are a discovery for the beauty of hair (€ 36) at www.claudiadipaolo

Pink enamel

Irreverent Rose, from CND, belongs to the collection Vinylux, an enamel that ensures 7 days of perfection in your manicure (€ 12.15).

Organic creams

Facial creams and hair products made with natural assets and free of harmful components for the organism, ideal for delicate skin or for those most aware of the environment. Different already from its packaging. Are you interested This is My.Organics (

Regenerative cream

The cream and the elixir Vitality they are part of Regenerating Methode, from La Biosthetique, a care that restores its beauty to the skin regardless of age (€ 65.90 each).

Moisturizing hair mask

Do you wash your hair and go? Sometimes it is not enough,
At least once a week, give it five minutes and apply a super moisturizing mask. All in One Superior Hair Mask, from Revlon, deeply repairs damaged hair (€ 18.60 in hairdressing salons).

Nail files with messages

In the perfect kit to carry in your bag you can not miss these fun files with message. They are from the spring collection of the Essence firm.

Skin cream

The new line Visage, from Selvert Thermal, includes products for all skin types and their needs. La creme Thermale Légère It is designed for oily and impure skin (€ 42).

New gym

If you get bored by traditional gyms and you don't have much time to train, the new B3B Woman Studio you will like. It is a center fitness with directed classes that combine cycle, boxing and ballet in 15-minute sessions. It's as simple as buying a bond, choosing the day and time you want to go online and making your reservation. No tuition or monthly fees. Ayala Street, 54. Madrid.