The best Christmas snack

The best Christmas snack

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Warm, simple, natural ... With a linen tablecloth, a handmade crockery, covered with straight lines of Nordic style and natural touches, such as a crown, pineapples and branches, you can get the perfect table for a winter afternoon snack.

If you want to surprise your guests, include Christmas-inspired sweets, such as these made by Lolita Bakery: honey and ginger cookies, caramel bars nougat bars, toffee with ganache and nuts, Christmas cookie tree and two cakes, one Spiced apple and plums decorated with lemon glaze and another vanilla with almond cream decorated seminaked with hazelnuts and nuts dipped in icing.

Floral styling: Oh Fleurs!
Christmas decoration made by Cañigueral Tables With Essence.
Photos: Paula Dietz
Space for shooting: Atrezzo Sacum

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A simple crown on the wall will bring a subtle Christmas touch to your snack. The one in the image was created by the floral stylist, Marina Ibañez de Oh Fleurs! using pistaccia, olive and eucalyptus popolus.

In the variety ...

Make sure you have several options of sweets, so you will always be right.

Christmas stars

Small details, like this garland of stars, complete the Christmas and festive atmosphere in this room.

To another level

Place the candies on stands at different levels to make the table decoration more dynamic.


Wink at Christmas time when decorating the cakes.

Sweet Christmas

In the picture, vanilla cake with almond cream and decorated seminaked with hazelnuts and nuts dipped in icing, by Lolita Bakery.

White Christmas

A white coating, like snow, is a good winter detail.


Detail of the vanilla cake.

In the same range

Maintaining the same color palette not only works in decoration, but also with food, it is a good way to get a harmonic table.

Apple and plums

This cake is spiced with apple and plums and has been decorated with a lemon glaze.


Do not forget to prepare tea for your snack.


Mix pieces of very different styles, such as an irregularly shaped handmade crockery and a cutlery with minimalist and straight lines.

Good presentation

Stack cookies forming a Christmas tree and crown it with a star-shaped one.


By not using many colors, make sure you enter textures. Here they have contributed with the candlelight and the branches and pineapples on the tablecloth.

New classics

Reinterpret the traditional nougat. In the picture, caramel bars, toffee with chocolate ganache and nuts

Let's snow!

Is there anything more Christmas than gingerbread cookies and honey shaped like snowflakes?


In this table the Nordic style has been merged with the rustic and natural. The luxury of simplicity.