How to clean a glass lamp (effortlessly)

How to clean a glass lamp (effortlessly)

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You have a crystal lamp, with tears and ornaments in this material that at some point will not look like the first day. Dust accumulates and does not shine as it should.

Crystal chandelier, by Parlane

Do you know how to clean this type of chandeliers?

Let's go step by step:

1. Turn on an alternative light or clean the lamp during the day. Never clean it while it is on or hot.

2. Cover the bulbs (always cold) with plastic bags or a piece of transparent kitchen film.

3. You can Mix alcohol and ammonia in a ratio of one part to three parts of distilled water. Also exist specific cleaners for chandeliers that you can find in lighting stores and large surfaces.

4. Pour the mixture into a pulverizedr since it is the best way to spray the lamp.

5. Covers the ground in the area that matches the lamp so that it does not stain. Use open garbage bags.

6. Spray the lamp with the mixture, avoiding the wires.

7. For normal dirt, this would suffice. You just have to leave air dry the crystals. If a lot of dirt has accumulated, you should clean the pieces one by one with a soft cloth and a lot of patience.

Wait a few hours until you remove the plastics from the bulbs and turn it on.