Where do I put the computer?

Where do I put the computer?

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Today there are many people who work from home, but the computer is also used for a lot of things: from studying or talking on Skype with friends, to watching series or movies on Netflix.

The question arises when finding a place to place it, since a desktop computer is not the same as a laptop. The second always gives us more freedom of movement, and the first requires a permanent place.

Take note of our advice and make sure you find the best corner for your electronic friend!

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Minimalist style The English Court

If you want a simple and flirty space to put the computer, choose one Nordic style table with matching chair, and place them in a bright environment.

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2 On a side table IKEA

In the same way that you like to read in a comfortable chair, you can also do the same to work with the computer (as long as it is portable). You just need me to have a good backrest and a side table where to support it. The DELAKTIG IKEA model has it integrated directly.

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3 For redesigned bums IKEA

If you don't want to get out of bed but you need to get to work, or if you get the monkey to watch series, opt for a tray like this where you can place the laptop. Remember that it is not good to have it near the skin, no matter how pleasant the heat that the battery emits.

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4 A pro level office Kave Homne

Those who work from home know well enough important that it is to have an office with everything you need, starting with the table, continuing through a comfortable chair, and ending with good lighting.

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5 In the dining room IKEA

The dining room table is not intended exclusively to sit in front of the plate, especially when you have a tiny house and you need to have functional furniture. For that reason, do not hesitate and dare to use it to place your computer.