Hotel Es Marés: The desired island

Hotel Es Marés: The desired island

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A lovely tumult of whitewashed houses, clean air and, beyond that, crystal clear waters, cover the walls of one of the most idyllic hotels in Formentera. 18 rooms baptized as Es Marés, -name inspired by the typical limestone of the area- created, designed and decorated faithfully according to the style of the island, maintaining its essence, while incorporating a contemporary aesthetic. The result is elegant and exclusive spaces, which embark the guest in a particular journey of the senses through tradition, architecture, culture and gastronomy from the very Mediterranean Formentera.

The finishes, always in white, and the details of untreated noble woods print their calm and tranquility in every environment, detail or corner. From the beautiful spaciousness of the rooms to the peculiar terrace, through the magnificent garden with swimming pool and the common areas focus their common denominator on the luminosity, freshness and the intentional transmission of good vibrations.

It is definitely the perfect accommodation to enjoy a deserved summer break, to pamper body and soul in its fantastic Spa, with personalized treatments, and taste its avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine, made with fresh seasonal products. And of course, nothing like diving into the nearby turquoise waters that bathe the island to leave behind the hardships of crude and long winter.

- In a place as paradisiacal as Formentera, surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, the program of activities is oriented to outdoor sports. In this sense, the Es Marès hotel organizes kayaking trips, windsurfing and sailing courses, green bicycle routes, rental of pleasure boats, excursions and diving courses among other things.
- For those who prefer a somewhat quieter plan, the hotel offers à la carte massages, beauty rituals, facial and body treatments, etc. in its spa.
- As an alternative of leisure it is interesting to know on the island the Natural Park of Ses Salinas, the lighthouses of Sa Mola and Cap Barbaria and, of course, the nearby island of S'Espalmador.

Address: C / Santa María, 15, in Sant Francesc Xavier (Formentera).
Information telephone: 971 323 216.
e-mail: [email protected]
Prices: Double room from € 190. Includes breakfast, visit to the spa, free Wi-Fi and a minibar available in the room, as well as towels for the pool and beach, bathrobes and slippers, radio with CD and iPhone player, safe and a pillow menu.

Advertising - Read on below The hotel pool

In the pool area, the traditional style of the island clearly converges with the most avant-garde materials and furniture. The final atmosphere is enriched with the two trends showing an area of ​​calm that invites you to relax sunbathing. For added comfort, the hotel provides pool and beach towels to all its guests.

Rooms in pure white

Ceiling fans guarantee freshness at any time of the day. The rooms, being decorated and dressed in white, increase this refreshing feeling. In addition, of course, they all have efficient air conditioning equipment to combat heat in the summer months.

The restaurant

In the restaurant you can enjoy an elegant and exclusive atmosphere open to the public. It is worth tasting, with the help of its chef, its special Mediterranean cuisine with avant-garde touches always prepared with the best fresh seasonal products.

The magnificent terrace

The hotel's café terrace is a reference point of the capital. Its pleasant atmosphere adds the possibility of eating something at any time of the day and enjoying its delicious cocktails and its extensive menu of special teas.

A relaxing chill out

The bleached reeds are perfect roof for the attractive terrace, which stands out with a marked chill-out style. Here, the mix of trends brings a relaxed character to this space created for fun and disconnection of the visitor.

Island decor in the rooms

The traditional painted work furniture, so typical of the Balearic Islands, is present in different environments. A suggestive formula that guarantees greater storage capacity without losing an iota of its charm.

Bathroom care

The bathrooms perfectly reflect the cosmopolitan and rural character of the island. Materials as current as the white-dyed microcement participate in the same environment as the natural stone used in the sink or the braided reeds that form the mirror frame.


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