Kitchens (very) small for which we die of love

Kitchens (very) small for which we die of love

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Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Nordic Magic

Its neat and bright colors, refined shapes, clean accessories in design ... everything is taken care of in detail in this small kitchen open to the living area where the office has been created next to the American bar. The color scheme cannot be more accurate. Copy this beautiful idea seen on

2 Everything to the target

Bet on white when it comes to expanding space in a few meters visually. In this beautiful idea, the work has been completed with a hydraulic floor and a panel lined with full-color printed paper. Furniture and appliances, immaculate white. We love!

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3 A nice kitchen in a few meters

See how they have designed the space dedicated to the kitchen in this beautiful attic apartment. Open, with white furniture and wooden countertop and with the overhead light bathing the entire room.

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4 smart mini kitchens

One more view of the previous idea. The countertop extends in L in an area where all appliances fit. To complete the space, a small office area for eating has been included.


5 American bar

It is the best option when it comes to optimizing space and not giving up a nice kitchen. Out partitions. Copy this idea!


6 Vertical storage

The most successful way to place the utensils in a mini kitchen. In addition, if you enjoy beautiful pieces, it will also be a perfect idea to decorate your small space.

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7 Beautify the front

Thanks to the ceramics, the front of the stack has been embellished in this kitchen, making the view go immediately towards that area. In addition, it has been completed with wooden shelves, natural details in clay pots and a lighting with Escandi charm that embroider the scene. It is an idea of ​​Alvhem.

8 Deco cake

Another idea to convince you that open and vertical storage is a perfect option. And if not, see how they have done it, with cake utensils, in this idea seen in Herz Allerliebst.

9 Industrial style

Mini kitchens take a blast with the industrial style. As shown, this proposal seen in Magnolia Homes.

10 A piece of worship

If there is only room for a piece of worship in your kitchen, let it be with Smeg's cake fridges. We love how it fits in this little kitchen in L.

Photo: Pinterest