A house with a perfect garden for a family

A house with a perfect garden for a family

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Interior designer Miriam Castells has captained the team formed by Joaquim Rigau and JFG Consultors that she has transformed a house of Calella de Palafrugell, in Girona, designed by the architect Josep Pratmarsó i Parera, in the home that its inhabitants needed.

The change has been total: inside the distribution of its 140 square meters spread over two floors, making them more functional. On the outside, a new design for the garden of 200 square meters was made and the rear facade was altered to facilitate the entry of light into the house and better join the exterior and the kitchen. The result is a cozy, bright and easy to live home. Can you ask for more?

www.miriamcastells.comPhotos: Marta Bartolomé

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The house has 140 square meters spread over two floors.

Pure facade

The rear facade has been renovated to facilitate the passage of light into the interior of the house.

Eat out

The porch has been used to locate a dining area.


The kitchen countertop has been followed outwards to connect both environments.

Dinning room

Simple lines and materials reign in the dining room.

White and color

Interior designer Miriam Castells has renovated this house in Girona. For the interior, it has opted for walls and floors in white and light gray, providing light, and has combined them with brightly colored furniture and accessories.

Open Sesame!

Custom shelves and a sliding door have optimized the space to the maximum.

Dream team

For the reform, Miriam Castells has had the advice of Joaquim Rigau and JFG Consultors.

Radical change

In the house the distribution and all the finishes have been changed.

Step by step

Detail of the stairs designed by interior designer Miriam Castells.

Corner taken advantage of

View of the bedroom with study area.

Minimalist bathroom

View of the main bathroom, all in white.

To stay blank

The toilet, also with a total look White.


Detail of the stone with which the countertop has been coated.


View of the entrance to the house.

Get into a garden

The interior designer has also been in charge of transforming the 200 square meter garden that the house has.