L-shaped rooms

L-shaped rooms

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We give you all the keys to furnish and decorate a living room distributed in the form of "L". The key? The arrangement of the furniture.

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The best way to take advantage of the space in an irregularly shaped room (“L”) is to mount the living area in the elongated part, which is wider, and the dining room in the smallest space. These are all the keys to place the furniture well:
◗ "U" seating area. In order to take better advantage of the space, we placed two sofas at an angle. Attached to the wall, the mod. Alain, in white leather, € 1,065, from El Corte Inglés, and in front of the window, mod. Kivik, € 346; Ikea At the other end, two seats, € 326 / cu; The Furniture Globe.
◗ Independent dining room. To differentiate it from being, we covered the wall with a paper of brown stripes, € 49 / roll, of Coordonné, and on the floor we put a carpet, mod. Adum, € 171.91, in Ikea.


The TV cabinet, € 212.95, for sale in Canterano, is located behind the wall of the dining room. Extra ideas.
The most adequate lighting. To have good light in all areas you will need a ceiling lamp in the dining room and floor or table lamps in each corner.
TV cabinet with wheels. It will allow you to move it towards the dining room and, with a rotating base on the TV, you can turn it around to watch it while you eat.
Extending table. It is the best option for this type of room: collection takes up little space and can be extended if needed.


To make the living more cozy, we decorate the walls with a cream-colored paper, Liguria model, € 45.90 / roll, from KA, and we complement it with several paintings: on the sofa, € 195, by Brocar; next to it, two small ones, € 74.95 / cu, (20% discount), from Canterano, and next to the curtains, € 120 / cu, from Brocar. For the latter we chose the Kerala fabric, in tan tones, from KA, € 28.50 / m. On the sofas we put cushions of colorful colors: oranges, € 37.50 / cu, with KA fabric, and prints, € 18.90 / cu, from A Loja do Gato Preto. And we chose a large square coffee table, 120x120 cm, € 644, in The Furniture Globe, to access it from both sofas. Above, tray, € 25, from El Almacén de Loza. To gain warmth we put the Flokati rug, € 60.91, from Ikea, and a blanket, € 30, from Texture, placed on the armchair. The corner between both sofas is used to place a square side table, 70x70 cm, € 399, in El Globo Muebles. To provide ambient light, we put on a table lamp, € 95.20, from Canterano. Next, orange candle holders, € 12.20, from Sandra Marques, and white planters, € 1.50 / cu, from Ikea.


In this area we use the same tones as in being to achieve visual uniformity. To adapt to the space, we set up a rectangular table with walnut legs, € 460, and matching chairs, € 115 / cu, Kyle model, from El Corte Inglés, and we coordinated them with an openwork ceiling lamp, € 59.95, from Leroy Merlin. We dressed the table with a white tablecloth, € 25.90; individual, € 1.50 / cu, and orange napkins, € 1.90 / cu; white plates, € 1.90 / cu, and drinks, € 4.90 / cu, all from A Loja do Gato Preto. The wooden low plates, € 11.90 / cu, are from KA, and the bread plates, € 3.10 / cu, from Sandra Marques.


At the entrance, being smaller, we have set the dining room, partially separated by a partition. The living area we have located in the most elongated part. The TV is in the entrance that makes the wall.