Many kisses!

Many kisses!

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According to the Royal Academy, kiss It is touching or oppressing with a movement of lips to someone or something as an expression of love, desire or reverence, or as a greeting. So said, it doesn't sound very sensual, but the lips they are able, with a good kiss, to release endorphin, as potent as the action of morphine. And they can also inspire designers to create seductive pieces, not exempt from a certain liberating and passionate touch. kitsch

Two versions -in black with piercing and red passion-, of the Bocca sofa, created in the 70s by Studio 65. Edita Gufram.

In the 30s Salvador Dalí devised a sofa-lips evoking Mae West's mouth. Then, in the 60s, the famous Studio 65 paid tribute pop with your version Bocca this time drawing the smile of Marylin Monroe. Since then the kissing fever in furniture and accessories has not stopped. Let it rain kisses! But not only today. Better every day.

Omeldebar Collection, by Bea Akerlund for Ikea. Neon lamp by Studio Job for Seletti.

And for everyone… Many kisses!