Tricks to choose house doors

Tricks to choose house doors

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Practicable door: Very comfortable, but you need enough room for the turn. Plus, double models.

Sliding doors: Ideal for small spaces. The overlays slide on the wall with guides and do not need work. The recessed run inside the wall and, when they are open, are hidden. They allow you to earn up to 1m2.

Pivot door: It rotates on a vertical axis leaving a wider opening.

Folding doors: They fold in accordion. There are in wood, PVC, glass. They provide great breadth.


Dimensions: The measures of a standard, practicable door and of a leaf are between 203-211 cm high by 62´5, 72´5, 82´5 or 92´5 cm wide. The double doors cover widths of 125 and 145 cm.

Different types: The most economical is the hollow DM door inside, with a honeycomb cardboard core. It can also be of solid DM on which a lacquer is applied afterwards. The veneered door, meanwhile, is made of chipboard framework lined with natural varnished veneer of any wood. Finally, there are solid, resistant and solid wood doors. They are usually finished with varnish and the most common varieties are pine, fir and oak.

The designs: The possibilities are endless. They can be smooth doors, with moldings, stained glass, blind or with some drawing milled in the wood. There are also surface finishes: painted, varnished, synthetic, wood veneer, lacquered and glass. The style of handles and handles must be in line with that of the door. You find them chrome-plated in matt and glossy finish, with rosette or long plate ... and also knobs.

It is fashionable ... the combination of materials: wood and glass have always made good pairing and are used in a variety of classic and modern designs. The latest trends point to glass doors and without profiles, to separate adjoining rooms, such as living room or kitchen-dining room. They provide continuity and do not obstruct the passage of light. In addition, you can play with glasses: transparent, opaque or colored.


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