A bright floor in vintage style

A bright floor in vintage style

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Continuous spaces and large windows are the keys to this Barcelona floor, which after a reform carried out by the interior architect Kika Estarellas, from Bonba Studio, he won a smarter distribution of spaces and a warm decoration with Nordic winks. The day area was redesigned thanks to the elimination of a partition and a new organization of the living room and dining room.

Kika selected furniture, details and colors that helped create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. The furniture and color palette chosen create an undeniable feeling of continuity throughout the house. Why a change? The owners needed to win one more room and the interior designer saw the possibility of reducing the size of the day area, with an excessively elongated floor, and creating a square children's bedroom at one end. In this way all spaces are balanced.

At the other end of the floor are the kitchen, the toilet, a storage room and iron, a guest bedroom and the main room with an integrated bathroom. A partial reform that reorganizes the spaces, a successful interior design where the old and the current flirt and the background color choice in neutral, animated by the cheerful shades of textiles and paintings, mark this project that invites you to stay.

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The partition on which the sofa rests closes the lounge area - which looks outwards through the windows - and at the same time, through the shelves, opens onto the bedrooms. Without being crowded, this house flees from minimalism with environments decorated with detail, accessories that enrich and high doses of mix.

Cushions, by Lu Ink. Plaid, from Filocolore. Basket, for sale in La Maison. Individuals and yellow glasses, from Cado.

Table lamp for the living room

Its design, with adjustable screen, allows you to create a cozy reading corner in the living room.

Table lamp flexo type with wooden foot, Cado. Bottles, of Matter.

Living room with sofa and two armchairs

Thanks to the auxiliary seats -butacas and poufs- and the original sofa, a hand-made design in brown leather and divisible into two modules, the gathering area is organized according to needs and guests. The dark tone of the floor, original of the house, has been clarified with a maxi carpet of coconut fiber in beige.

Coffee tables, from House Doctor. The tables next to the sofa, made of wood from the 50s, were purchased at an antique shop. Modular sofa, from Baxter Italia. On the wall, an audiovisual work by New York artist Adam Chapman, from the Gerhardt Braun Gallery.

Recycled table

If there is a constant in this project it is the mixture. And not only in terms of styles, but materials. A valuable variety composed of wood, fibers, leather, iron and steel.

A living room decorated with vintage furniture

Traditional pieces are updated by color. The living room and dining room follow each other in space and are two reading seats, inspired by the 50's Scandinavian style, which visually divide these areas. A range inspired by the sun (yellow, mustard and ocher) illuminates the wood, present in the furniture, coverings and architectural details of this cozy apartment.

Armchairs Oka, from Supersrest. In front of the window: table made with antique boxes, from Antique Boutique. The painting in yellow tones is the work of the artist Kaus Zylla, from the Gerhardt Braun Gallery.

Cushions for a leather sofa

Wood, wool, leather, cotton ... Textures enrich the decoration and invite you to feel through touch and sight. Combining them is a plus. Cushions, by Lu Ink. Sofa, by Baxter Italia.

Dining room with a vintage bar cabinet

Natural textures are protagonists and give warmth to the entire project. Here, each piece brings added value: designer chairs and lamps, a retro furniture, a Persian rug and a minimal line table in oak and metal.

Mesa, from Ethnicraft, in Domesticoshop. Lamp Arch, of Flos. Bar cabinet of the 20s. The carpet was purchased on a trip to the Uzbek city of Samarkand.

In the dining room, designer pieces and fireplace

Full winks in the dining room: modern art and designer furniture. An excellent sample of how to combine finishes and materials in perfect harmony. The fireplace -which used to preside over the living room located on this side of the room- now contemplates evenings around the table. It is integrated into the decoration with a discreet design, flanked by shelves.

The painting is by the author Aggtelek, from the Gerhardt Braun Gallery. Chairs: white model Eams, Vitra, and color model Rosarito, from The Common Project.

Modern kitchen with office

A classic mix: black and white. The furniture and the lining of the walls in rigorous white contrast with the countertop in black and the floor in checkerboard. The wood and natural fiber complements remain sober.

Chairs Rosarito, for sale in The Common Project. Metal shelves, from Ikea.

Children's bedroom with retro changing table

The gray color of the walls is illuminated with the yellow of the screen. The style vintage It is undeniable, some objects give it away: the changer handmade and, on the wall -image of the right- an old light box of an oculist.

Cushions: star-shaped and printed with moles, Nobodinoz. The changer is from Xo-In My Room, made of reclaimed wood and
Natural and ecological products.

Children's bedroom with cot and bed

The walls combine wallpaper and paint. The bed is dressed in clothes in a neutral tone and the cradle, in the same line, is made of wood, matching the changing table. The design is present through the chair Acapulco Baby, an object of play and desire.

Sillita, from The Common Project. Painted paper Gray harlequin, from Ferm Living. Garland, in Bel & Soph. Ceiling light Unfold, from Muuto, in Nordicthink.

Current bedroom

Sure success! A base that stands out for its simplicity in design and shades, nuanced
for the chosen objects, which provide dynamism, and for the orange color of the textiles, which heats the whole set.

Blanket, carpet, plain cushions, colored stones (on the floor) and bench, of Materia. Pouf, from La Maison. Vase, from Cado. Printed cushions and picture, by Lu Ink.

Apply for a small bedroom

Converts a side table, usually of a lighter design, into a bedside table In that case, take the lighting to the wall with wall lights and leave the surface clear. Colored glass vase, from Cado.

A fiber pouf

Pieces that stand out: they are drops of style that capture looks when entering a room, either by their lines, or because they move away from the style of the set. His presence imposes character. Pouf, for sale in La Maison.

Plan and ideas of the interior designer

Special care has been taken to balance the original materials of the house, which have not been modified, with the new interior design textures.

Objective: get a practical and cozy home, without giving up the design.

Mix styles The union of contemporary trends and Nordic and retro winks personalize the project, rejuvenated through colors and textures. The chosen author's paintings and the design pieces put the sophisticated note.

With the reform the space was redistributed.
The dining room now occupies one end of the floor and yields the central area to be. The excessively elongated space was shortened to gain one more room on the floor: the children's room.


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