A familiar and serene triplex in the green belt of Bilbao

A familiar and serene triplex in the green belt of Bilbao

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Biderbost Photo

This townhouse in Bilbao is the ideal home for any family worth its salt. Its interior, blurred thanks to the light that comes from the outside, stands out for the soft tones and natural fabrics like linens, wool and brush strokes of color. Read on to know all the details of this reform at the hands of the Mundo Pacas team!

Advertising - Keep reading below A large txoko welcomes us at the entrance Biderbost Photo

In access to housing we meet a broad typical txoko of Basque houses, with kitchen, dining room, and seating area.

This space is carried out by a robust wooden table and steel legs, by Sillatea; several Windsor chairs in three different lacquers from gray to green; an Ikea console; and a sofa acting as a seating area in the txoko.

The classic IKEA Lovbacken is a fundamental piece of design Biderbost Photo

The lounge area stands out for how well compartmentalized it is. How was it it is essential to have an exit corridor to the terrace, we chose place a passage area behind the sofa, with a console designed by the Mundo Pacas team, which serves as a decorative point.

The large and elegant sofa It was also designed by the study of Mundo Pacas, with washed linen style fabric from Romo Fabrics.

For their part, the Mundo Pacas ethnic cushions in silk velvet, they add a point of joy without equal thanks to their drawings and their color.

Matter of lights Biderbost Photo

The living area is illuminated by two lanes of white spotlights. Thanks to this system, the different points to be illuminated can be directed with each lamp, an ideal solution for all those ceilings in which the spotlight equipment cannot be embedded.

Present culture Biderbost Photo

The reading corner is formed by a classic earmuff armchair, designed by Mundo Pacas team, and upholstered with James Malone fabric in charcoal gray and super white. At his side, a 50s style floor lamp Thai Brass, also available in Mundo Pacas.
Further, As the owners are lovers of painting, the house is full of works by renowned authors of the area, all of them framed in Mota, a framing shop in Bilbao.

Total calm Biderbost Photo

The dining area represents absolute calm, in a combination generated by the wooden touches of the chairs type CH24 of natural oak, and the spectacular table of Stua in the model LAU white dyed ash with large dimensions.
Too highlights the detail of the standing mirror at the entrance, perfect to see each other before leaving home.

Cool environment Biderbost Photo

The dining room is decorated with fresh motifs like leaves and cactus in decorative accessories, dishes, utensils and cushions.

The Berber rug in light gray and white is from Asiatic London, and combines with the room unifying the environments.

The culmination of the dining area is the blank rattan lamp from Thai Natura, which fill the space with your presence.

Industrial style Biderbost Photo

The industrial lamps Ikea close a super cozy set.

Gold and mustard Biderbost Photo

The kitchen was work, with white furniture and Tolix chairs in gold color, in addition to a white table with a Zara Home still life in mustard colors and natural fabrics.

Green i love you Biderbost Photo

The main floor toilet It has been wallpaper with a cheerful and energetic wallpaper of palm leaves in green, designed by Lara Costafreda for Coordonné.

In the meantime, Zara Home fluoride green towels highlight the space.

Strategic color Biderbost Photo

The bedroom has a Zeconzeta velvet headboard in beige, designed by Mundo Pacas without very strident colors. All of it matching the beige, gold and white houndstooth wallpaper. In addition, the brightly colored rainbow silk ikat cushions They get attention on the bed.

To expand the vision of the room two transparent tables were placed from Kartell, which give more depth and elegance to the bedroom, while they are accompanied by golden bedside lamps from Zara Home.

On the roof, a crystal ball shaped lamp, found in Luz Bilbao Iluminación; and on the ground, a custom made rug in nude color with a lilac trim.

Dressing room integrated in the bedroom Biderbost Photo

As support of the master bedroom, they were added a dressing room and a rattan bench by Zara Home at the entrance.

Main bathroom Biderbost Photo

The bath shower, decorated with simple lines and Himabisa tiles, is closed by a glass screen, making the environment wider.

Chic Details Biderbost Photo

The rustic style staircase has been placed to towel rail mode. Under it, the rolls of toilet paper rest inside a flirtatious basket.

Guest room Biderbost Photo

The third bedroom, intended for guests, is distributed in two beds with linen headboards and tacks very current, with all the matching accessories in blue tones, cushions tie dye, and flowers.

Completing the look, the blue trimmed carpet with a pearl background, was made to measure for Mundo Pacas.

A well distributed ladder Biderbost Photo

The oak staircase is illuminated with white sconces They direct the light up and down.

On the other hand, the bars were lacquered in white, and the handrail was left in varnished oak, because in the long run It is more practical and resists better over time.

Next to the hall Biderbost Photo

The bathroom located next to the hall, decorated with Himabisa tiles, has all the basics.

Attention to details Biderbost Photo

The youth bedroom breathes Nordic air For the fourth corners. The headboard paper with green geometric prints mint, is from Eijffinger.

The rest of the decoration is completed with the trundle bed, the bedspread, the varied cushions, the bedside table vintage, and the floor lamp with yellow silk ikat lampshade, which adds a plus of color to the room.

Youth desk Biderbost Photo

The study table and dresserboth white lacquered, are designs by Mundo Pacas.

Soft tones on the carpet Biderbost Photo

The Striped jarapa rug in soft colors It's from The Rug Collection.

Penthouse Biderbost Photo

The last floor has several zones, like a extra large bookcase with two Ikea modules; or a rest area with a chaise longue designed by Mundo Pacas studio, with nude and gray washed velvet, mixed with natural, pink and even fuchsia linen cushions to give it a fresher touch.

Thinking about comfort Biderbost Photo

Next to the chaise longue, there is a white floor lamp of Thainatura, and a classic design table of Eileen Gray, also acquired in Thai Natura.

At the feet, the round carpet enhances the comfort zone.

Two study environments Biderbost Photo

Inside the attic, there are two study environments. One of them includes a large table also perfect for making crafts.

Nordic Design Biderbost Photo

The other area, more collected, has a study table with Nordic table, and one transparent office chair with casters from Kartell.