A newly renovated attic that surprises with its spaces

A newly renovated attic that surprises with its spaces

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Transform a penthouse in dismal state in a living space was the enormous challenge faced by its new owner, the decorator Ana Larríu. She and her husband, Lebanese architect Sherif Aoun, bought this Madrid apartment as a second home and shelter, since both have resided in Beirut for 20 years. Its magnificent enclave, near the Retiro Park and the magical natural light that entered through its windows, weighed more than the situation of abandonment of its interior and its ridiculous distribution, with a very long corridor and tiny rooms. The only solution to such a disaster was remove partitions and create a house from scratch. The arduous reform lasted a year, since it was carried out at a distance.

While the owners made their usual life in Beirut, Alicia Sánchez and Alberto Moreno - from the Mill-House Interior Architecture studio - took charge of implementing the guidelines set by the couple. When throwing partitions, their few load-bearing walls and the metal beams, which they restored and preserved. From there, the new distribution of the house was decided: on one side the three bedrooms of his daughters and two bathrooms, and on the other side, the main room with integrated bathroom. The center of the house was reserved as a common area: a open space formed by living room and kitchen with office.

Most of the reform budget was taken by the windows and the pavement, an old and aged Belgian parquet treated with sea salt. Once the obligatory technical phase was covered, the owners dedicated themselves to selecting the interior furniture. For this they chose a very modern eclectic style, dotted with classic design pieces and others from souks and antique dealers. The final result of this complete reform is a stylish attic with light air loft that their owners enjoy on vacation while the rest of the year can be rented through the exclusive Home at Homes agency.

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In front of the entrance, the lounge on the right gives off a stately air thanks to the Louis XVI style armchairs and the wrought iron of the old radiator and the side table with crank.
Armchairs upholstered in blue, from a Parisian antique dealer. Watchman, of Trades of Yesterday. About her, liquors of Sandra Marcos. On the wall: watercolors, by the artist María Miralles.

Warm welcome

From the entrance you can access the living area, a large living room divided into two different rooms, facing each other, and connected to the kitchen through a glass window. The discovery of the iron beams determined the singular division of the hall.

On one of the armchairs, blanket, Zara Home.

Nice to be

Arranged next to a large window, the bright living room is formed by a three-seater sofa and a coffee table that rests on a Lebanese carpet, family heritage. This cozy room communicates with the kitchen on one side and with the master bedroom on the other.


Life-giving details: decorate the side tables with bowls, candles, vases or floral arrangements typical of the season, such as this vase, by Sandra Marcos with cranberry sprig, by Deco & Living.

Cozy stay

Black sofa, from KA International. Cushions: velvet and antique prints, Sandra Marcos and stripes, Zara Home. Noguchi coffee table, edited by Vitra. Above it, golden bowls, by Sandra Marcos and branches, by Deco & Living. Suspension lamp model Torch Light, from Established & Sons.

Reading room

Attached to the entrance, the other room with a more intimate character is made up of an L-shaped sofa, designed by the owner, and two side tables. Behind, a two-color bookcase and on the wall, a painting by the Lebanese artist Zena Assi.

Sofa made by Asmar Interiors. Cushions, by Sandra Marcos. Coffee tables, blanket and carpet, from Zara Home. Shelving designed and made by Mill-House. Christmas tree and ornaments, Los Peñotes.

Framed kitchen

The Christmas tree and a nightstand flank the impressive glass enclosure, a decorative element of great weight. This integrates or insulates - as desired - the double living room of the elongated kitchen. In the center the office was arranged, under the plaster rosette that decorates the ceiling and from which a suspended lamp hangs.

Red side table, by Kartell. Above her, lamp by Sandra Marcos. Rosette made by Mill-House. Ceiling lamp, from Ikea.


Furnished in white and equipped to detail, the kitchen has a pleasant outdoor terrace, through which natural light sneaks in, and a stylish office formed by a dining table for six people and four chairs. In the background was the cooking zone with decorative hood and sink on a glass front. On the wall, a triptych colorist of photos printed on methacrylate.

Kitchen furniture, by Albura.

Chairs Eames Plastic edited by Vitra. Photos of the German artist Thomas Eigel, acquired in the Lumas Gallery in Paris. On the table: tablecloth, napkins and cutlery, Zara Home.

With double storage area

On the other front of the kitchen were the countertop and the column ovens. Cabinets and drawers hide the rest of the electrical appliances and utensils. On the ceiling, a series of recessed LED spotlights illuminate the space in a general way.
Wooden boards, by Sandra Marcos.

In total key white

Through the living room you access the master bedroom equipped with a double bed with headboard, a built-in wardrobe and integrated bathroom. Its three exterior windows fill it with light during the day and isolate it from noise at night thanks to its double glazing and electric blinds and curtains.


Headboard made by Mill-House. Blue squares and quadrants of linen, by Sandra Marcos. Bedding, from Zara Home. Vase and Christmas decorations, Los Peñotes. Bouquet, Deco & Living.

Integrated bathroom

Next to the bed a vintage dresser monopolizes all the prominence. Behind her, a porcelain socket serves as a link with the bathroom open and arranged inwards. This is equipped with a shower, furniture flown with two sinks and, in the background, the toilet and bidet separated by a door.

Wooden and nacre chest of drawers, from the Great Souk of Damascus. On it, tray and boats, by Sandra Marcos. On the wall, Christmas wreath, from Los Peñotes.

To sleep and play

In the other wing the bedrooms were located
of the couple's three daughters and two bathrooms,
one of them integrated, and the other to share. The rooms are decorated in a very similar way: in white with pastel textiles and large playground.

Ikea's bed. Plaid and linen cushion in lilac tones, by Sandra Marcos. Pink cushion, towels on the bench and Christmas ornaments, Deco & Living. Table, stools, blankets, carpet and lantern, Zara Home. On the floor, brass tray and dolls, of Los Peñotes.

Essential Christmas touch

If you place the Christmas tree in the living room for the whole family to enjoy, reserve some detail to decorate your children's room. They will love it! Ornaments, by Deco & Living.

Garland on the headboard of the bed

See how easy it is to bring Christmas to your bedroom: roll up a garland of lights on the headboard or hang on it cloth ornaments, such as these so ideal, from Deco & Living.


So that the children can see themselves in the bathroom mirror, place one at their height. Green twigs in the sink will serve as a Christmas ornament. Towels, from Zara Home. Mirror, by Sandra Marcos. Eucalyptus, from Deco & Living.

Chromatic binomial

Gray and blue tones take a thousand wonders. Adopt them in the textiles of the bedding to give an elegant touch, as in this bedroom. Plaid in blue velvet, fashion fabric, and reading lamp on the bedside table; both, by Sandra Marcos.

Double visually

The glass is a good resource to expand small spaces such as the bathroom. If you use it like here in the mirror on the sink and in the half shower screen you will see what effect! Mirror, from Becara. Towels and vases from Zara Home. Branches, from Deco & Living.

Housing plan

When the distribution of a home does not fit the basic needs, it is best to create a custom home from scratch. This was understood by the owners of this attic when deciding to completely reform it and give it an industrial loft air in the common areas to integrate the living room and the kitchen with office.

The elimination of partitions and the creation of an iron and glass screen give the floor the breadth that treasured and multiply the natural light. From the old house only what wasted charm was preserved: high ceilings, decorative moldings, beams and iron radiators.


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