A very familiar flat

A very familiar flat

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"A step away from the Retreat is the house that saw her grow, along with her sister and her parents. Then she was a daughter and now she becomes a mother. That floor, a faithful witness of their lives, now adapts to their needs and dresses for the occasion". With these words, the ACGP architecture study presents the reform that has been carried out in a low floor of 70 square meters in Madrid. When the owner acquired the house, it was very compartmentalized and natural light was scarce, so it needed a reform, but, being a place with so many memories, collaborating with the owner side by side was essential. "It is a house made to measure, responding beautifully to your functional and emotional needs," explain the study members.

All the partitions were removed, leaving only the load-bearing wall that today serves to divide the most intimate area (with two bedrooms), the social one, composed of an open space shared by the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. To enhance the luminosity and expand the space visually, the walls were painted white and the same oak floor was used in all rooms. During the works a boarded arch was recovered at the entrance of the main room, which serves at the same time to let the light pass. A nod was made to the past restoring the exterior carpentry that has been left visible, without curtains

One of the objectives to be achieved was to obtain as much storage space as possible. In the bedrooms white built-in wardrobes were installed, which goes almost unnoticed, a large bookcase runs along one of the walls of the living room and the bathroom flooring was used. The decoration is current, functional and colorful, a mixture of pieces vintage with chain furniture low cost that make up the home dreamed by its owner to begin a new stage of her life.


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The ACGP studio has renovated a 70 square meter apartment in Madrid. In the image, the space shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen, distributed on two fronts of Ikea cabinets with bar.

Eat accompanied

In the foreground, the dining room with a Nordic style table and chairs inspired by the Eames model.

Knowing does take place

One of the walls of the room has been used as storage space. In the lower part, closed cabinets and, in the upper one, shelves.

Color note

The chairs vintage they suppose a brushstroke of color to the whole. The carpet and nest tables are from Ikea.

TV zone

The sideboard is a piece vintage.

Memory of the past

The old wooden windows were restored and painted white.

Arch of Triumph

During the renovation, a previously walled arch was discovered that gives space to the space. Thanks to a sliding door, privacy is achieved when necessary.

Hidden cabinets

At the foot of the bed, a front of built-in wardrobes painted in white.

Game's zone

The children's bedroom.

Kid stuff

View of the children's bedroom.

One last touch

Detail of the entrance mirror.