Beauty Tricks: Operation Return

Beauty Tricks: Operation Return

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Revitalizes the skin and controls the spots

Have you noticed that your complexion does not look the same when you return from your vacation? High temperatures, chlorine and sun exposure make the skin drier and less luminous, even, you may have spots. Don't worry, it has a solution. Start by exfoliate your face to clean thoroughly and eliminate dead cells that accumulate and prevent proper cell regeneration. Then, apply a nourishing mask that penetrates deeper layers to improve its appearance and just hydrating Intense skin.

In the rest of the body, exfoliates and moisturizes paying attention to back, shoulders and chest. Due to the aggressive solar radiation, it is increasingly common for skin spots and moles to appear. Go to the dermatologist to see if there is an injury and indicate the appropriate treatment.

There are creams on the market that, in addition to moisturizing, help prevent and correct pigment spots, such as Melaperfect Cream, from Darphin.

Pampering time and get fit

Feet and hands have suffered the ravages of summer and need to prepare for the new course. Hydrate your hands well and repair your nails. In the summer season, enamels that weaken the nails and deteriorate the cuticles are used more.

Clean them thoroughly and give them a break for a few days, moisturizing with some special cuticle oil.

Cracked heels, hardnesses and wounds are some of the effects of wearing open sandals, walking barefoot, etc. Get a pedicure removing hardness, exfoliating the skin and moisturizing abundantly.

Do not be overwhelmed if you have taken a few extra pounds. It is very common, because you do not feed in the same way and you may even retain liquid with heat. Go back to your routine and eat healthy, you will soon return to your usual weight without the need for aggressive diets. Rest, especially if it has been prolonged, can cause the appearance of cellulite and sagging. Take up or start sports, to recover the muscle tone and elasticity of the skin, but do not start with many hours of gym or intense exercises, but gradually becoming mentalized and increasing the power with the passing of days. If not, the stiffness and fatigue can encourage you to throw in the towel.

Resume your healthy diet, with five meals a day, rich in fruits and vegetables and drinking at least 2 l of water. Until you lose extra pounds, include fat burning foods, such as citrus, asparagus, oatmeal or onion and garlic.

Spend time of the day exercising, do not see it as an obligation, but as a time to eliminate stress and disconnect from tasks.

Return the hair shine

- Hair hydration

Saltpeter and chlorine are harmful because they produce dryness. Combat dehydration by applying a mask, serum or repair cream. Go to the hairdresser and get a good cut and touch up your hair dye.

- Good brushing

When returning from the beach the hair is more fragile, so it is important to brush it very carefully so that it does not break.


Use creams to undo tangles, natural or electric bristle brushes, which eliminate knots, such as Tangled 2 Smooth, from Remington.