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Housing with own soul

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Nothing, not even a small detail, is standard on this floor. Before buying it, its owner already felt passion for furniture, fabrics and decorative trends. The house had acquired it on plan, but upon entering it he decided to change aspects that he did not like. The works of the reform commissioned them to Ceramics Decoration, and to begin with, he replaced the ground with a pallet, warmer.

The tiling that the construction company had chosen for the kitchen and bathrooms seemed nondescript to the owner, so she decided to replace them with materials that were pure trend: white retro tiles in the first, gray pieces of different format in the main bathroom and an effective one black paint in the toilet With the structure finished, he could finally devote himself to his passion: decorate the floor. However I had some doubts that he raised to the Interior designer María López Montero. With the help of his professional vision, it was easy to distribute furniture and create still lifes.

One of the most exciting aspects for the young owner consisted of integrate the inherited furniture of your family into the decoration. The interior designer María López Montero combined them with current design pieces -like the dining room chairs- and with modern complements-geometric print cushions or abstract sculpture in the living room, for example- to create heterogeneous environments. An original mix of styles that reflects the personality and passion of those who live in them.

Advertising - Keep reading under Terrace with scissor table

The terrace was furnished with a scissor table and two matching chairs. The simplicity of its design was enriched with accessories that are usually found in the living room and dining room, such as the carpet or the table runner. Table and chairs, by Leroy Merlin. Table runner and carpet, by Decolab. Blue bowls and ivy were purchased in Jacaranda.

Bowls with fruit

We usually see it in decorative centers of country houses. Why not use it, also, in urban spaces? Place resistant varieties, such as apples or oranges, in bowls, and in addition to decorating, you will have a healthy snack at hand.

Mirror tables

The pair of tables -with a mirror-covered cube design- allows the gathering area to be moved to the armchairs, the sofa or the floor cushions just by moving them around the living room.Table tables, of family heritage. Gray armchairs, by Q Sofas. Sofa, from The Weaving of Don Ramón. Lamp, by Decolab. Plants and bouquet of flowers, from Jacaranda.

Zebra print rug

The carpet with zebra print, the seats - sofa and armchairs - in two different shades of gray and the striking paintings add dynamism to the living room.
Carpet and basket, from Zara Home. Picture on the sofa, by Javier Ayuso. Cushions, from Zara Home, Ikea, Q Sofas and Decolab. In the basket, plaid made with a fabric by Güell Lamadrid. The old dresser belonged to the owner's family.

Patterned cushion

A touch of glamor. Achieving it is as simple as placing a complement with style. This cushion printed with the elegant walk of three modern ladies in the early twentieth century is a good example; from Zara Home.

Modern metal sculpture

Fusion of past and future. Break the time barrier with a modern piece in a classic corner. Here, the antique dresser, the Bakelite telephone and the books with history are the perfect counterpoint to the current sculpture, by Onofre G. Acosta.

Transparent chair

The Art Deco inspired table and the mirrors, all inherited, served as the basis for the interior designer to organize a dining room with emblematic design pieces. Only the transparent chair breaks the predominance of black and wood finishes.
Chairs: black Plastic, from Eames, and transparent Louis Ghost, from Philippe Starck for Kartell. The ceiling lamp is the model Spinning large,
from Benjamin Hubert. Stool, from Zara Home. Vases, from Decolab.

Vases in blue and white

The delicacy of Chinese porcelain, the refinement of Delft ceramics or the tradition of Talavera pieces will be enhanced if you organize a still life with bicolor vases.

Kitchen in blue and white

The door with glass panels and the window facilitate natural lighting in the kitchen. So that no obstacle hinders the passage of light, curtains were dispensed with, but frosted glass was chosen, which guarantees the privacy of the interior. Bevelled tiles stand out on the wall, a current trend that evokes the materials of the past.Furniture, from Nolte Home Studio. White tiles and porcelain floor, Ceramic Decoration. Design weight vintage It's from Decolab. Plants, from Jacaranda.

Tableware in sight

Colorful kitchenware. Some dishes are so attractive that it is a shame to waste their decorative potential by hiding them in a closet. Leave pieces in sight and will embellish the dining room or kitchen. Dishes, by Decolab.

Shelves with Pladur

To take full advantage of the bedroom space, shelves with Pladur were made on one of the walls. With little background, they do not recharge the space and have the optimal measure to place in them pocket edition books. The lower one extended into an L-shaped bed to serve as a bedside table. Picture by Javier Ayuso. Bedspread made with Henna printed fabric, from the collection Balpur, from the firm Güell Lamadrid. Orange blanket and quadrants, from Zara Home.

Wall with lead gray paint

When space is scarce, one option is to suppress the headboard and give prominence to the wall where the bed rests with a striking lining. María López Montero opted in this case for lead gray paint, and added tone cushions and oranges, which add warmth and encourage the atmosphere.
Ikea lamp. You will find a bedside table similar to this one in firms like Maisons du Monde and Laura Ashley.

Shower in gray tones

The work shower was highlighted with tiles that simulate small listels. Coverings, plate, shower column and fixed glass screen, Ceramic Decoration. Crystal vase, from Jacaranda. Towels, from Zara Home.

Bathroom with coated wall

Surprise when opening the door. Do you have a very small toilet? Turn it into an environment with decorative impact. Cover the wall with paint, like here, or with a striking paper that contrasts with the toilets. You will see what success!

Floor plan and reform ideas

Decorative keys of the lounge.
- On each side of the sofa a different piece of furniture was placed: a nightstand with a glass envelope and a classic dresser in which the tablecloths are stored in the dining area, located next.
- The cushions appear to be different, but although they combine horizontal and vertical formats, they all reproduce the three colors that predominate in the framed sheet: orange, albero and blue.
- A shelf was placed next to the terrace. On it, a sheet was placed on the wall, books that prevent the painting from falling and candle holders.