A flat with a very fluid distribution

A flat with a very fluid distribution

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In this Barcelona floor, The main element (and that was a before and after) is a large sliding metal and glass door. On one side of it, the room that receives us upon entering the house. On the other, we find the kitchen with dining area that can be closed or opened to the rest of the house while its transparency always keeps the feeling of spaciousness and the open concept.

The dining room, with a more classic style composed of a large oak table, leather chairs, a showcase and three large ceiling-suspended lamps, has managed to combine with the kitchen thanks to Arclinea's minimalist and refined design. The gray cabinets with paneled appliances manage to blend in the walls and the steel island is a perfect and discreet counterpoint to the rest of the environment. Both environments cohesion the wooden floors. In the background, behind another glass door, we can see the laundry area, designed to house all cleaning products and the washing machine. The bathrooms (one en suite, two complete and a toilet) have been provided by Carmen Postigo. They have continued with the general aesthetics of the rest of the floor: sober colors and current designs mixed with pieces with history and warm finishes.

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A sliding glass screen has managed to keep the concept open on this floor in Barcelona while allowing both environments to become independent.

First impression

Upon entering we found the lounge.

Integral reform

The family that owns the apartment has completely renovated it.

A table set

The kitchen shares space with the dining room.

Winning combination

In the kitchen-dining room the classic style has been mixed with the minimalist.

Nothing to hide

View of the lounge from the dining room.

Star pieces

The three hanging lamps with metal grid lampshade stand out.

Family souvenir

In the dining room a wooden cabinet cabinet of the family has been integrated.


The kitchen and dining room have been merged using the same floor.


The dining room table is oak and has been combined with leather chairs.

Coemdor View Step into the kitchen All in one Light metal

In the center, a large stainless steel island of the Arclinea Convivium Elegant collection with integrated handle.

Behind the screen The water and preparation zone Gray matter The island of the treasure

The countertop of the island is divided into a small work area, to prepare meals, a cooking area with induction hob and another water that integrates an auxiliary sink in stainless steel.

Main sink White porcelain countertop Good harvest

It includes an integrated Whirlpool wine cellar with capacity for 36 bottles and temperature control.

Hidden potential

The island has an integrated stainless steel handle.

Know how to take advantage

In front of the island is a large column area divided into two large closet areas and a small office, ideal for breakfast.

View of the kitchen-dining room Total integration

The cabinets are perfectly integrated into the wall.

Storage area

The area leading to the laundry room is designed to house the small appliances needed for breakfast, such as a toaster and a coffee maker.

Laundry area

Another glass screen separates the laundry room from the kitchen.

General cleaning

This space is designed to store the washing machine and cleaning utensils.

Renovated bathrooms

The bathroom materials have been equipped by Carmen Postigo, from Saltoki Cornellá.

Main bathroom

The apartment has four bathrooms: one suite, two complete and another courtesy.

See where you step

The washbasin suite is paved with hydraulic mosaic in cream color and colored border. White tiles bring light.

Second bathroom

The first youth bathroom is fully defined and adapted to the tastes of teenagers.

Energy deco

The floor is paved with hydraulic mosaic in yellow and green tones and the walls in cream color, which brings warmth to the space at the same time as energy and vitality.

Start the day with a shower

On the left side is the shower tray, made of natural stone in white marble.

Plinth Shelves to take advantage of the space Third bathroom

Coated with a combination of Smoke Glossy and White Glossy, both from Dune.

Black and white

It is paved with hydraulic mosaic that combines black and white colors by drawing an oval border.

Courtesy toilet

It is paved with natural wood parquet and plastered walls.