A cozy apartment with a fluid distribution

A cozy apartment with a fluid distribution

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From any point of this flat in Barcelona you can see the treetops of Turó Park. It was not always like that. Before the intervention of Meritxell Ribé - The Room Studio, the partitions that divided the different rooms of these 120 square meters prevented the light and the views of its windows from reaching the interior. The interior designers removed all these barriers to create a single space that concentrated all day stays (living room, dining room and kitchen) and became the central axis of the house, one of the owners' wishes. The rest of the rooms (two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one of them with bathroom en suite and a study) are kept delimited with sliding doors that allow them to be isolated or opened depending on the needs of the moment.

Once a luminous base was achieved and with good communication, the study led by Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech went on to give it warmth and vitality with colors and materials. Wood and green and pink tones create a cozy feeling, multiplied thanks to the friendly lines of furniture and the delicacy of the textures of natural fabrics. In the decoration a wooden structure stands out, it serves to shape the entrance and provide privacy to the living room, letting in the light. The result? A home as warm as cool.
Photos: Mauricio Fuertes

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Mertixell Ribé-The Room Studio is responsible for the integral reform of this apartment next to Turó Park in Barcelona.

No fear of color

With the green of the walls and brushstrokes in pink he has managed to make the living room cozy and cheerful at the same time.

Iconic pieces

The decoration is dominated by friendly lines and some iconic design pieces such as the lamp Basket from Mila to Santa & Cole.

Warm materials

The wood also makes an appearance, increasing the warmth of the whole.

All in one

The day zone was condensed into a single space.

Privacy settings

A wooden structure gives privacy to the living room without preventing light from passing through it.

The importance of details

Close-up of vases on the dining room table.

Bank assault

The wooden structure also allows to create an entrance space.


Detail of the lamps on the entrance bank.

Good melody

A close-up of the piano that is next to the dining room.

Nothing to hide

View of the open kitchen. One of the walls is occupied by a full front of closets.

Minimalist kitchen

With straight lines and white, it surprises from its simplicity.

Open passage

The more private rooms were separated through sliding doors.

Case study

Next to the living room we find a study area.

Swell the elbows

View of the study-library, which serves as a prelude to the children's bedroom.

Children's room

With pink painted walls.


Also minimalist style.

Go to the light

Lamp detail.

Main bedroom

With a dressing table / desk next to the bed.

Know how to take advantage

A free space was used next to the door to place shelves.

Suite bathroom