8 tricks to sell your house faster in winter

8 tricks to sell your house faster in winter

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If you are trying to sell your house during the winter, you will have already realized that it is more complicated than normal ... And it is that the cold, the short, dark days, the rain ... are factors that make it difficult. Nevertheless, There are always tricks that can help you get potential, even in the worst conditions!

Elliot Castle, CEO and founder of We Buy Any Home, He has revealed what the secrets are for your house to triumph this winter ... Don't miss them!

1. Make your rooms look bigger

"Playing with the perception of height is a good way to make the room look bigger," says Elliot.

"Use tables and chairs with high legs, and hang the pictures as high as you can."

Make sure everything is tidy and take out of sight what is in the way. Also, if you add mirrors you will reinforce the feeling of spaciousness.

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2. The key is to be welcoming

During the winter, people spend less time on the street and prefer to take refuge in the heat of home. So, to create a cozy atmosphere, add blankets, cushions, carpets and candles. You will see what change!

3. Become the best host (or hostess)

Receive potential buyers with a warm welcome and offer them something to drink. This way, they will feel more comfortable and probably leave with a better opinion of the house!

4. Fix the garden

"January may not be the best month for your garden to be full of flowers, but you can give it life if you have it clean and add accessories, like several lanterns with candles," says Elliot.

5. Give your house a coat of paint

You will be surprised at what a coat of paint can do to your house ... The white color will make the walls look clean, fresh and attractive!

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6. Make use of smart storage

It is very important that you have the house tidy, and although the space is small, you can always take advantage of smart storage ideas.

7. Choose the perfect range of tones

Opt for neutral tones such as white, beige, light blue or gray. That way people can imagine living there more easily!

8. Pay attention to the outside

"First impressions are the ones that count the most, so make sure the outside area is spotless," says Elliot.

"If the entrance door is old and ugly, change it. A copper mailbox or stainless steel numbers are details that will make the welcome much more welcoming."

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