Children's area: Furniture, accessories and toys

Children's area: Furniture, accessories and toys

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Time to change dormitory

Although it may seem like yesterday when you put your children's room, it has been a few years and your children have grown and their tastes and needs have varied. It is time for a change! Maisons du Monde offers for teenagers rooms with different styles for them to create their most intimate refuge according to your personality

Courtesy Maisons du Monde

For those who like urban art, they will love the metal closet Freestyle, 399 €, and the graffiti canvas, 39,99 €, or the skyscraper headboard, Skywalk, 199 €. For those who prefer racing, the range Petit Bolide, with car prints: chest of drawers, 229 €; small table, 79,99 €; bedding set, 59,99 €.

Good planning

As the children are turning years, their responsibilities and activities are also increasing.

Homework, extra school, you meet friends ... So you don't forget anything, Tenvinilo presents us with a slate vinyl with a planning weekly to write down everything, 17,50 €.


Do your children come home and leave their backpacks and coat?

End this by placing originals at your height hangers shaped like a crab and lobster, 25 € / cu, from Tresxics. Perfect for your bedroom, but also for the entrance, bathroom or kitchen.


Let your imagination fly with the classic wooden toys. What fun!

Pram, 125 €, and plane, 139 €, from Alondra in Donurmy.es Donurmy.es

The best pampering for them with delicate and delicious cosmetics.

Eau de cologne,19,90 €; body milk, 16,50 €; and soap, 11,50 €; from Lua & Lee.

With Xplora, your child can receive and make calls, up to 12 contacts, without Internet access and with GPS.

Mobile-watch in three colors, from 149 €.

If your daughter likes to pour herself as a mom, don't miss the Superga Mickey Mouse anniversary collection.

Children sneaker, 69 €, and adult, 85 €; superga.es


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