10 things forbidden in Disney Parks (what you should know before traveling)

10 things forbidden in Disney Parks (what you should know before traveling)

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Disney Parks are still one of the favorite destinations for kids and adults to spend the holidays. You just have to see the pictures of the influencers Instagram to realize that They are the perfect setting to feel like a child again (and how well they remain in the background, eh?).

But like everything in this life, they have their good and bad things. And in the second pile is the list of forbidden things that you cannot take even. Do you want to know what they are? Well read on!

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If you travel without your stick selfie It seems inconceivable, we are sorry to tell you that to enter any of the Disney Parks you will have to leave it at the hotel. The reason? Obviously, security. And is that riding on attractions with this gadget can be a real danger to your integrity and that of other passengers. Take note!

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2 drones Amazon

Apart from protect physical integrity, we assume that the decision of ban drones it is also influenced by security in terms of image rights.

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3 foul words Giphy

If you have risen with your left foot and enter the park throwing expletives, you must know that they can throw you out, as long as they understand the language, of course.

4 electric skates or skates Amazon

Being a fairly crowded amusement park, carrying an electric skateboard or a skateboard is totally unfeasible, not only to avoid abuses, but also because it would be practically impossible to move forward with him.

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5 large tripods Amazon

Photography lovers will have to settle for carrying their camera in their hand, or opt for a tripod in mini version, as large ones are prohibited.

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6 Some tattoos

One of the things you should keep in mind is that the majority of Disney Parks are children. For this reason, entry with visible tattoos of content that may be offensive or shocking for children is not allowed.

7 Adults dressed as Disney characters Amazon

Again, security is the reason that adults cannot enter with disguises of Disney characters, since The park has its own workers intended to be photographed with the public, and it's something that it could cause confusion, in addition to certain dangers depending on the way people react.

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8 pets

If all visitors bring their pets, it is likely that the park will be filled with organic waste, not to mention the fact that the animals cannot access the attractions.

Of course, those people with physical disabilities, or who need to enter with their companion dog for health reasons, may do so.

9 folding chairs Amazon

It seems a strange norm, but carrying a folding chair is a most common wish, especially when you have to spend the whole day walking through the park and it's time to see the parades.

For that very reason, to avoid a possible collapse of sitting butts, Disney has decided to ban them.

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10 Enter with alcoholic beverages

Let's not be alarmed. That doesn't mean you can't have a drink in the park, just that you cannot enter with alcoholic beverages. Come on, you either buy it there, or you will have to leave the cañitas for the return.