Last minute and deco releases

Last minute and deco releases

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If you want to be up to date on the launches and market news, do not miss the proposals of the best firms that have just arrived at our newsroom.

Advertising - Keep reading below Victoria Belousova, Interior Design and Design Victoria Belousova studio

In San Cugat del Vallés the studio -and shop- of Victoria Belousova, manages to create unique and personalized environments to suit the client. The interior designer, passionate about wooden furniture (her family has one of the most important furniture factories in Russia), is a perfectionist and effective. They perform custom work, complete projects and comprehensive reforms.

News and surprises

Antalia, who will participate in the Espacio Cocina-Sici 2019 fair (January 28 / February 1, in Valencia), has announced that it is preparing “great surprises inside and outside the exhibition”. He has also announced that he will present products made with new materials, such as ceramic or nanotechnological laminate, as well as new furniture designs, this year more select and adapted to the latest trends.


Philips introduces the SpeedPro Max cordless vacuum cleaner, a revolutionary broom vacuum cleaner that, thanks to its 360 ° suction nozzle, collects more dirt in each pass, forward and backward, and even, next to walls and furniture. It also incorporates the PowerBlade digital engine, which creates a high suction flow of more than one thousand liters per minute and guarantees thorough cleaning (from € 429).

Versatile tables

Kerala, from Cancio, is a collection of tables or bars, fixed or extensible, with a sober and avant-garde design, perfect for any space: kitchens, living rooms, public spaces, restaurants and hotels. To highlight, the envelope is offered in the 52 finishes offered by the Cosentino Dekton brand and in its design there is continuity of decoration or grain between the countertop and the extendable.


The Central de Procurement and Services BdB has launched its new business strategy, an ambitious project that involves making a qualitative leap in order to offer a proven quality service to the professional client. Aware of the high level of demand in the market and the growing competition, Grupo BdB is committed to the quality of the service provided. Thus, BdB points of sale become the first beneficiaries, assuming the role of a construction specialist store in their geographical area of ​​influence.

Anniversary party

The company Giménez Ganga, specializing in systems for window enclosures, PVC and aluminum shutters, and sun protection, turns sixty years of professional career in 2019. And it has been celebrated with an event that brought together more than 1,300 guests willing to share a day in which live music was the protagonist before and after the gala dinner.


The radiant and invisible heating weberenergyfloor system, by Saint-Gobain Weber, for new construction, renovation or renovation housing, provides thermal comfort, because the heat distribution is very homogeneous; It improves indoor air quality, since it does not move dust particles as with air conditioning systems, and saves energy, because its radiant weberfloor self-leveling mortar achieves greater energy efficiency.

With fully swing doors

Duscholux, a pioneer in the manufacture of screens, has renewed one of the emblematic models of its collection, Plus Evolution Folding, to adapt it to bathrooms with reduced space. The new screen has as main feature that it can be folded like a book, so it occupies little and can be installed in a shower of any size.

Design and technology

Nofer, a company dedicated to the manufacture of accessories and complements for public bathrooms and specialized in products made of stainless steel, has opened its new facilities in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, and has presented its 2019 catalog with novelties such as Concept3, a set of taps that offers in one piece the functions of hand dryer, soap dispenser and sink.

Aesthetics purified for the bathroom

The shelf thermostatic tap of the RS-Cross collection, by Ramon Soler, is a thermostatic bath-shower set that is installed in the bathtub and also has a shower set. It is characterized by its sophisticated pure lines, which give rise to a cutting-edge tap, its blade-shaped handles, which provide symmetry to the composition, and by the incorporation of the latest technologies that guarantee maximum safety and comfort in the bathroom.