A basic: the sideboard

A basic: the sideboard

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Traditionally, the sideboard was used to store everything needed to serve the table, such as crockery, cutlery or table linen. The lack of space has made it become a piece of furniture where almost everything fits: books, audiovisual devices, etc. For these cases, models that rest on the ground and that support the weight are recommended. If you want as a decorative object, the best are those with stylized legs or suspended models.

VISUAL LIGHTNESS. Choose models with legs in small spaces, they are more stylized and subtle. Model sideboard Tiva, from Kavehome.

Doors, shelves and drawers. Sideboards with doors are perfect for storing dishes. Stack dishes, place bowls on top and rest under plates and trays. To order cutlery and tablecloths, the ideal is that, in addition to doors, it has drawers. To wear decorative pieces, you better have shelves.


Before buying one, it is important that you be clear about the size. It has to be provided to the wall where you are going to place it, so if it is too small it will be ridiculous, and if it is large, the space will be filled in excess. And also take into account the size of the room where it will be placed. In small spaces, the ideal models are light, narrow and tall. In the big ones, look for a piece that stands out and has personality.

CHOOSE THE FINISH. Choose white and light-colored woods to gain breadth and light. Ash sideboard, model Wapong, from La Redoute Interieurs.

Open the door. You can choose models with hinged doors, which do not reduce storage capacity, but do need free space around to open without difficulty. In case of lack of space, the slides are the best option, like those of this sideboard.


The sideboard gives personality to the room where it is placed, therefore, it is essential to choose pieces according to the decoration of the rest. If an industrial style reigns in the house, bet on a black metallic model; if it is Nordic, by natural wood and white with stylized legs. In minimalist environments, choose simple and straight line models with matte finishes. Opt for finishes with aged effect for retro-inspired homes.

SINGULAR PARTS. Use it to show off your travel memories, inherited objects or purchased antiques. This sideboard, from the Mimi antique shop.

Good companies Beautify your furniture by placing groups of objects on it; you will enhance its aesthetics and focus more attention. Put candles, vases and unique objects. Pictures, photos or mirrors always supported, not hung. Includes a plant or flowers in glass vases to bring freshness.


The material you choose should be linked to the decoration of the rest of the home. Wood is the most common option, they are durable, versatile furniture and also provide warmth to the room. The cherry tree is perfect for large and elegant spaces; the oak, for more traditional and rustic spaces, and the pine, the cheapest option. Metal is associated with the industrial style. Choose straight line models. You can also combine various materials and use the crystal.

NOT ONLY IN THE SALON ... Take the sideboard to the kitchen, the hall and even the bathroom. You will find it very useful. Car Möbel sideboard.

Everything in sight. The sideboards with glass doors are great for small rooms because you will gain visual amplitude and light. It will allow you to control what's inside, but you'll have to pay more attention to order. To do this, help yourself with boxes to store small things or those that you don't want to be seen.

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