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Tenderness overload!

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This Fatisbac collaborator recently visited his aunt, who had just built his new home after retiring from teaching. When touring the house, he could not help not realizing that there was a very special room under the stairwell. No, it wasn't for storage, it was an adorable room decorated and made to measure for your aunt's dog.

For Harry Potter fans this cubicle under the stairs could be overwhelming but for this puppy it turns out of everything but that. In fact, the Chihuahua has its own small bed (made of brass), its food containers, a small closet and a mini wall art work. There is even a desk lamp and a coat rack to hang your hat!

The room does not have a direct memory of Harry Potter but who saw and commented on it could not fail to connect it with the beloved series through the details. Many of them suggested that the dog be called "Harry Pupper."

Check out this awesome room:

Via: House Beautiful US


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