Verdeliss has renovated his kitchen-living room and could not be more amazing

Verdeliss has renovated his kitchen-living room and could not be more amazing

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After a long time waiting for her, here she is! The reform of the kitchen-living room of the most famous mom of Youtube. And it is that in addition to rejoice every day with their family adventures, Verdeliss has shown that the decoration is his thing.

The reform, at the hands of the interior design team of IKEA, has managed to take advantage of the large spaces of the house to conceive what will undoubtedly become the center of family activities. We show it to you!


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The living room is connected to the playground, the kitchen and the dining room; and despite having an open plan concept, these are spaces differentiated from each other.

Storage everywhere Verdeliss

The seats, composed of two sofas in gray model Kivik, a chaise longue, a pouf with storage Kivik, and a wing chair STRANDMON With footrests, they offer the family everything they need to spend a maximum quality leisure time.

Warm environment Verdeliss

On the floor, two soft and soft carpets keep children's furniture and feet protected at all times.

The television cabinet is a model composition BASKET in matt white without handles, with doors that open by light pressure; and some walnut cubes of the series KARLBY Tailored to add contrast.

The range of colors chosen for the general decoration of the room bets on mustards, gray, white and black; and materials such as wood and steel. All this under a style that combines Nordic and industrial airs.

Reading corner Verdeliss

The reading corner could not be more welcoming. It is strategically located next to the window to enjoy natural light, but it also has three spotlights on the ceiling. In addition, the bank is also a closet where Verdeliss keeps the stories of the kids.

Key lighting Verdeliss

Lighting is another of the strengths of the reform. The suspended ceiling has an integrated LED tube with dimmable lights, and each corner has its own spotlights and lamps.

For the entire family Verdeliss

Welcoming nine members is not a simple task. The solution? A countertop BARKABODA in walnut color cut to size and divided in two, with iron legs as support. In this way, the family has a large table for day to day and celebrations, and two smaller tables if necessary.

Apart from the chairs, the benches with drawers SILVERAN flanking the space, they provide the perfect seating area for the whole family thanks to the cushions lined with botanical print textiles. Next to them, natural fiber lamps SINNERLIG They are responsible for finishing off the natural environment that surrounds the dining room, a space starring the light and the trees that make up the exterior landscape.

Kitchen with central island Verdeliss

The kitchen countertop is quartz with a glossy finish, specifically, the model KASKER. The decision to place the induction plate HÖGKLASSIG On the central island, she was influenced by the possibility of watching children from this space while playing in the living room. And being a large family, cooking is one of the tasks that require more time, something that children also love to do.

On the other hand, the central island also has a lot of interior storage thanks to the shelves and drawers of different sizes, perfect for storing from larger pans, to napkins and tablecloths.

The T-shaped bell is made of stainless steel; and the matt white kitchen cabinet with nail handle is the model VOXTORP, a wonder with interior rotating shelves that allow access to the corners with total ease.