And the receiver? Do you have it ready for Christmas?

And the receiver? Do you have it ready for Christmas?

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Yes, we know that you already have the tree mounted, the perfectly decorated room, and a lot of succulent recipes waiting to be prepared, but ... what about the hall?

And is that lat home entrance should ooze Christmas spirit everywhere, since it is the first area that you and your guests will see when you arrive. Further, no matter how big or small, why pYou can opt for eye-catching ornaments or subtle details.

Next, we show you the most viewed proposals on Pinterest so you get inspired!


This pin on Pinterest.

A star decorated with lights, and a few lanterns with their candles will create a hall that distills the magic of simplicity.


This pin on Pinterest.

If you live in a house in the country or in a villa on the outskirts, you probably have the staircase next to the hall, and a beautiful way to decorate it is placing a wreath with leaves on the handrail.


This pin on Pinterest.

A spacious hall is the perfect place to place the Christmas tree. In this way, the arrival home can not be more endearing!


This pin on Pinterest.

Much white, pickled wood, and artificial snow: three steps to get the Nordic style hall ideal.


This pin on Pinterest.

The Christmas and winter receivers in general, there are much more flirtatious if you decorate them with several cushions that add texture and color. Do not cut yourself!


This pin on Pinterest.

Before we showed you how beautiful the garlands with leaves on the stairs, but if you want to add a sweet spot, decorate them with ties as it appears in the photo. In addition, you can also use them surrounding a mirror or on the sideboard.


This pin on Pinterest.

Whatever the size of the receiver, there is a Christmas decoration made for him. If it's a little corner, lean on elements like crowns or small fir trees.


This pin on Pinterest.

If there is a color that defines Christmas, it is red. Use it on cushions and blankets not to lose the spirit!


This pin on Pinterest.

The style vintage and Christmas decoration They have always gone hand in hand, especially when it comes to furniture with rustic essence, and are ideal in the receiver!


This pin on Pinterest.

Another great idea to give life to receiver it is use balls and tree ornaments.


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