Functional and cozy attic

Functional and cozy attic

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Located in the Barrio de Gracia in Barcelona, this recoleto penthouse It was originally the typical porter house, small and forgotten, but with incredible potential for its location and its splendid views. This was intuited by interior designer Anthony Chevalier, director of the creative agency Le Dèpartement (, who did not hesitate to acquire it as an investment to transform it into a relaxing space with private garden, in the purest style of the suites of a resort, typical of high-end holiday destinations.

Said and done. The terrace of 30 m2 underwent a total transformation. Its main obstacle, a slope of the floor of more than 40 cm, was solved by replacing the pavement of tiles with a wooden platform willing to two heights. This solution allowed to divide the spaces into several environments: dining room, chill out, lounge and solarium. The result is a place where tranquility and privacy are the leitmotiv.
The remodeling of the interior of the apartment was aimed at making the most of its 20 m2 distributed in living room / bedroom, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. Here also the unevenness of the floor with steps in the kitchen and in the bathroom was solved. And how do you get to include a sleeping area in a really small space? The solution was to raise the kitchen in order to transform the sofa into a large bed that slides through an occasional rail system. The kitchen is also equipped with all essential appliances; either in sight, like the microwave, or hidden in what pretend to be drawers. The washing machine is in a separate room, which is accessed from the terrace and where garden accessories are also stored.
The choice of the same wooden floor for the whole house and the flown shelves they bring a touch of lightness to the whole while they visually expand their dimensions. An example of this is in the living room and in the bathroom, which has also been played with height when entering the shower. The characteristics of the attic make it ideal for rent for days to executives, tourists and film producers.

A height reform:

The objective of the reform was twofold: on the one hand to get the most out of the private terrace to turn it into an oasis of tranquility and, on the other, the complete remodeling of the interior in order to give a better distribution and greater breadth to its well used 20 m2. In both cases, the exterior and interior had significant slopes that had to be solved. The solution was the creation of steps that, at the same time, allowed the separation of environments. The elevation of the kitchen facilitated the location of a custom-made bed with a mattress that, thanks to a sliding rail system, appears and disappears after a wall according to the time of day. The walls painted in gray, the wooden floor and a decoration without stridency contribute that Zen spirit that is much appreciated in urban environments.

Exterior carpentry € 5,700
Pergola and awnings € 10,300
Outdoor lighting € 1,200
Floor leveling and interior parquet € 1,850
Painting € 3,350
Kitchen lift € 729
Light and water installation € 3,160
Bathroom € 3,150
Doors and windows € 1,630
TOTAL € 31,069

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Placing a few shelves on the small empty walls at the entrance of the house combines aesthetics and practicality. Have some travel or design books on them to recreate a relaxed atmosphere. Lacquered shelves in Greyhound color, by Valentine.

Doors in pearl gray tones

On the terrace, the entrance doors and the one in the washing machine room, with elegant moldings, were painted in pearl gray and framed in white. On both sides of the main door, a few glasses of
Stone with boxwood give it a very chic touch. In the windows, also framed in white, roller awnings, made to measure with marine fabric, were arranged to resist rain and wind.

Well protected outdoor dining room

The generous terrace was divided into several spaces. Between the two doors and attached to the wall, a pleasant dining room consisting of an extendable table, an auxiliary furniture and two folding chairs was installed. To avoid the direct sun, a wooden pergola was installed, lined with marine cloth. Above it, a sloping roof protects from rain and UVA. In the background, a wooden wall with a built-in door gives the terrace greater privacy.

With two heights

The important unevenness in the terrace floor was solved by placing a wooden stage with a step that leaves the dining room, the lounge and the solarium of the chill out area at different heights. Next to the deck chair, a natural fiber pouf is used both as a seat and as an auxiliary table. Sun-resistant resin sofa and armchair, by Maisons du Monde.

Light curtains

Light curtains were installed around the pergola structure, which, when flying with the wind, conveys a sense of peace. To prevent them from moving too much, you should hang a few weights at the lower ends. Following the lounge, a sunbed with a mat and cushions invites you to take sunbaths during the day and to completely relax at night.
A casual area chill out. Natural fiber rugs and a set of fluffy cushions scattered on the floor make up the hippy chic space of the terrace. Some vintage busts of Buddha in spit wood and scented candles, placed in strategic places, are the essential decorative pieces to create a nocturnal atmosphere heavy by the Zen spirit. Cushions and carpets, by Calma House.

Wall sconces

Wall lights, led recessed spotlights on the step, a cube table with light next to the sofa and the romantic candles scattered on the floor and on the windowsill are responsible for lighting the different spaces of the terrace and create an atmosphere Nice, warm and relaxing. The side wall was painted white, in contrast to the gray of the sofa. Over the entire length of it, a wooden panel was added in order to have greater privacy inside the terrace and preserve the privacy of the eyes of others, while enjoying the wonderful views of the city

Ceiling light

The interior of the attic was painted in a soft gray tone, which contrasts with the white of the ceiling and skirting boards; while, on the floor, a wooden parquet was chosen. Gray, toasted and a touch of black are the tonalities chosen throughout the house, an example of this we see in the decoration of this cozy lounge. Greyhound painting by Valentine. Ceiling lamp, Cottage Little House.

The sofa becomes a bed and vice versa

Thanks to a sofa system installed on rails and wheels, the sofa becomes a bed and vice versa in the blink of an eye. The best thing is that it has a real mattress that allows a true night rest. The bed base lifts easily and leaves a perfect storage space to store bedding. Cushions in tan tones purchased at Calma House.

Capitoné linen headboard

Once the mattress is collected, the bed is transformed into a comfortable sofa. The backrest and headboard is made to measure and upholstered in capitoné linen. Next to the sofa, a few steps flown and illuminated with LEDs give way to the kitchen, arranged on a higher level and hidden by the wall where the sofa rests.

Ceramic Subway Type Tiles

Who was going to say it! In this kitchen there is everything: fridge, freezer, dishwasher ... What look like drawers, in fact, hide appliances. In the upper part, storage cabinets and the microwave oven were located and in the middle,
the sink, the ceramic hob and the extractor hood with led lighting. In the front, ceramic tiles type metro in glossy black, by Acocsa Blue.

Wooden floor

In front of the entrance door a flying shelf was placed as a desk to gain space. The envelope was covered with a smoked glass that brings elegance. On the table, suspended on the wall, was the TV with swivel arm that allows viewing the screen from any corner of the room. Stool with linen cover and black trim, made to measure. The floor of the bathroom, made of wood. In order to visually expand the dimensions of
the house was installed wooden parquet, even in the bathroom. However, in this area, the wood was treated to resist the humidity of this room. At the bottom of the bathroom, on another level, the shower was installed, with glass enclosure, and which is accessed by
A flying step. Next to it is the washing machine room, which is accessed by a door from the terrace.

Two wooden shelves

Two shelves of treated wood are made of bathroom furniture. Wicker baskets serve as storage. On the countertop the sink was placed, exempt with built-in faucet, and on the wall, a mirror with LEDs. Glazed ceramic, from Acocsa Blue. Taps, from The Bath Point.

Attic plan

Attic plan