An apartment with inherited charm

An apartment with inherited charm

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Located in the historical center of Madrid this house it was, in other times, a small pension of the many that used to be in that area.

Once renovated and distributed as housing, special care was taken to preserve that natural essence that dazzles today. The best resource to maintain its original beauty was rescue all possible structural elements; highlight the spike platform and hydraulic floor of one of the bathrooms and the unique kitchen.

The Original carpentry also plays a fundamental role in decoration. Both the doors, with its frosted glass and antique brass fittings, as the striking windows of the room; so beautiful and decorative that they were left undressed as another element of interior design, which also represents a generous source of natural light. The decoration of this room and the spacious dining room - which share space - fit and settle as if the pieces were always in place; timeless, eclectic and, above all, impregnated with personal history. That may be precisely the decorative pattern that spreads from room to room, like a conductive thread that manages to harmonize and balance the whole house. Thus, suggestive pieces acquired in antique dealers, markets and lunches rub shoulders with endearing memories, inherited beauties, collections and, of course, prominent design objects.

The peaceful coexistence of such varied styles and backgrounds conveys a remarkable and absolutely own charm, which gives off a warm feeling of home. In parallel to the interest in keeping the original spirit of the house alive, a practical sense developed in accordance with the needs and comforts of today. Thats why he master bedroom was conceived as a true suite; It has a new annexed floor in checkerboard - communicated by a sliding door - that serves as a dressing room and a complete bathroom, very modern, also integrated into the room.

Advertising - Keep reading under Mix of woods in the dining room

The entrance to natural light flows and the walls, painted in white, create a space of great visual amplitude, ideal to locate a dining room of generous dimensions, in solid wood, like this one. There is also room for the inherited showcase, which displays the pieces of a collection of dishes. White vases, red bucket and green glass ball, from Antennae.

Eclectic Hall

An original paelo by Mir of great value, presides over a very special seating area, decorated with disparate pieces and duplicate side tables as a means of creating dynamism. A very peculiar environment where there is also room for the famous Diamond chair, by Harry Bertoia. Cushions purchased at Usera Usera.

Very personal work area

Emulating the offices and offices of the beginning of the century, a work area was created with old family pieces combined with others acquired in Madrid's El Rastro. The interior of the showcase shows a chosen collection of books achieved over the years.

Details that matter

The various auxiliary furniture are especially important when placed strategically; thus they adopt a double function, decorative and warehouse at the same time. In the foreground, a pair of white vases purchased from Antennae.

Auxiliary furniture

Accompanied by plants and flowers, they are the perfect complement in this decorative bet

Successful combination in the kitchen

The complicated irregular floor plan of the kitchen stood out instead of trying to hide it in order to bet on a different space. The combination of modern furniture and the retro-style office, on an original hydraulic floor, is perfect. On the table: tablecloth, fruit bowl and orange and white dishes, from Antennae.

Waste of color in the kitchen

The different accessories and utensils are the ones that give life to the kitchen, functional and well thought out. Recipe books and old dishes coexist with a fun and colorful tableware that provides the necessary dynamism. The crockery, the fruit bowl and the tablecloth, orange, come from Antennae

Family meal

The kitchen was organized to have a dining room like those of yesteryear, with space for several diners and a solid wooden table. Both the floor and the table and chairs are old; the contrast with the green of the wall and the complements in orange is really attractive. Accessories, from Antennae.

A bedroom with feeling

The feeling of warmth transmitted by the bedroom is achieved thanks to the presence of numerous personal details, well-chosen furniture, beautiful kílims and pleasant textiles. Quadrants, bedspreads and photo frames; everything from Filocolore

Ideal distribution

After the new organization of the master bedroom, a dressing room - hidden behind a sliding door - and an integrated bathroom were also included. The most functional aspect of this space is balanced with a beautiful composition of antique dresser and mirror, conceived as a charming dressing table. On the dresser stands out the chrome flexo, by Filocolore

A romantic mirror

As a complement to a dressing table as coquettish as this one could not miss a story mirror.

A well combined bathroom

Although the bathroom was completely renovated, its integration was facilitated by including a hydraulic floor inspired by the old models. The contrast of the cladding with the washbasin cabinet, in high gloss red lacquer, and the modern shower is magnificent.

Plan and details of the reform

Details of a very special kitchen
The eager collector of the owner is reflected in one of the kitchen walls, where several shelves were installed that show a valuable series of old dishes. An original decorative proposal for the wall that may well replace the presence of a painting or a sheet.