A family home with rural essence

A family home with rural essence

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This house, Bofranch house, is born from the illusion of its owners Xavi and Rosa. Ten years has taken them to turn a family home, which had belonged to Xavi's family, into a dream. Located in the Ebro Delta, this construction was abandoned for years, until its current owners saw the possibility of sharing it with visitors to the area as a holiday home.

The reform adapted the house to the current needs, respecting the origins of the house, which is also noted in the decoration, warm, cozy and with a rustic touch, in which antiques and family memories collaborate, some of them, restored by Xavi and Rosa.

Casa Bofranch has three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and large common interior spaces (two living rooms and a dining room) and exteriors (large terraces) overlooking the orchards that surround the house.

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Welcome to Casa Bofranch, a rustic essence house whose owners, Xavi and Rosa, proudly exhibit after the restoration and decoration work carried out in this family home.

This is one of the corners of the house, in dark woods and stone tones in textiles and walls.

Another corner of Bofranch house

Casa Bofranch is a holiday residence located in the Ebro Delta, in a perfect place to relax. Natural landscapes and comfortable interiors.

Detail of another living area with fiber sofas and soft fluffy pillows.

The house has several living areas, dining room, terraces, three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen.

Fiber armchairs

A pair of individual armchairs complete the seating area.

A cozy corner

Here the plants are a deco element more (very natural).

Plants, a very natural deco element

Detail of the plants inside the house.

A corner to relax at the end of the day

A cozy corner of Xavi and Rosa's house in the light of a table lamp on a nightstand.

Furniture with hearth

A chair and a dresser.

A house in contact with nature

The charm of the interiors is enjoyed even more in the heat of its decoration on a rainy day.

View from one of the interior corridors

View from one of the distributors of the house.

The kitchen, a stay to share

The kitchen with a large dining room in the center.

Door to the street

The outside area through a door with glass quarters.

In white

Door detail.

Animal foil

Wall framed sheet.

At night

One of the living areas, illuminated at night.

The kitchen

The kitchen. A very familiar stay, designed to make life and share moments in it.

From the stairs

View from the stairs to one of the distributors that communicates with the kitchen.

A table prepared for breakfast

To enjoy the Mediterranean diet.

The dinner room

The dining room, prepared to enjoy the meal at table set.

In full detail

Careful details The linens, glassware, cutlery, dishes ...

Vase on a table

Vase on a table.

The rack

The coat rack, its lines reveal tradition.

The bathroom in blues

Blue mosaic on the walls of one of the bathrooms.

The meeting of two materials

Detail of the wall in its encounter with the mirror frame.

Bathroom fixtures

The bathroom accessories.

Basin Detail

Another of the bathrooms with a flown countertop and built-in sink with retro line faucets.

The bedroom

One of the bedrooms.

House exterior

Exterior of the house Facade.

House exterior

Detail of one of the windows topped in semicircle.

House exterior

The terraces are a plus to enjoy the calm of the surroundings in the days of good weather.

Out at night

Get carried away by the moments of contemplation.

Exterior illuminated at night

The exterior of Casa Bofranch at night.

An outdoor dining room

To enjoy dinner outdoors.

From the window

Exterior view through one of the windows.

Furniture with past

Legacy and other recovered furniture enrich the decoration.

Drying plants

Plants drying in a place without too much light.

With integrated bathroom

One of the bedrooms in greenish and grayish colors.

With sloping roof

Sloping roof with exposed wooden beams.

In warm tones

Bedroom with furniture in wood and textiles in reddish tones.

Door with curtains

Door with curtains to access the bedroom.

Closet Detail

The closet with fronts with cloth curtains.

Mirror front cabinet

Furniture with mirror front and fiber auxiliary.

Metal lamp

Wrought iron lamp detail.

Picture on the wall

Picture on the wall.

Bedroom with two single beds

Bedroom with two single beds.

Detail of a sheet of floral patterns

Detail of a sheet on the wall.