Celebrate and recycle

Celebrate and recycle

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The gateway is the best business card. Decorate it as a tradition and you will welcome everyone who comes to your home with a style that defines you.

Leroy Merlin ornament.

There are many ideas, very simple to make, such as this ornament of the image that combines green, red and gold balls, with pineapples and pine trowel. They have been cascaded and finally the set has been finished off with a loop at the top of a color that coordinates with the rest ...

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, why are you going to deprive yourself of having your Christmas fir tree? It is not necessary to measure eighty meter or be loaded with lights and balls. You can enjoy a charming model in reduced format. If not, look at this proposal of Leroy Merlin: a fir tree to hang that does not lack a detail. It is also an "eco" idea, in which you can be inspired to make your own version. The materials are very easy to gather: you need some twigs that you will find in the field or in the park of your neighborhood.

Cut them to different sizes, then mount them in a pyramid shape. A pair of twine strings will help you unite them, shaping them. You just have to fill your tree with ornaments: make them in felt or look among those you have at home ... It will be beautiful!

Windows and viewpoints take special prominence: they are filled with white or colored lights whose flickering can be seen from the outside. The crystals are very Christmas also with spray snow. Use templates with figures and sprinkle; then, remove them and you will print their "negative". Do not forget curtains and blinds either: they are beautiful adorned with alzapaños and themed garlands, as in this image:

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Colored pencils, markers, erasers, pencil sharpeners ... all neatly arranged and by hand. How about having it stored in the old drawer of a formica table that you have tuned?

This proposal is from the blog of Pica Pecosa (picapecosa.blogspot.com), a magnificent solution that also has the charm of vintage furniture. You just have to replace the old shooter with a new one, which is beautiful and special, and you can now use the organizer.

Save on Christmas

Eye with an excess of lights. In addition to the usual lighting of the house, many decorative bulbs are added at this time, and sometimes the deployment is immense. Actually, those ornaments almost do not consume, but they will still do less if they are turned off. Disconnect the ornamental lights at night, when no one is enjoying them, and replace your old luminous garlands with new models that work with LEDs.

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Ornaments made with your hands. Do yourself everything you can to decorate. The crafts add personality to the house and move away from the standard formulas: your home will not look anything like your neighbors. That of course.

Appliances: tips. If you leave to spend a few days outside, disconnect them, do not leave them on stand-by because they will consume unnecessarily. As for the frigo, use it with a head: do not open it twenty times to take out the food that you are going to prepare at lunch and dinner. Do it at once and you will save energy.

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Do not wash the dishes in the pile. Use the dishwasher at full load. Believe it or not, you spend less water and it is more efficient than hand washing.


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