12 solutions to update the bedroom

12 solutions to update the bedroom

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We give you the keys to decorate your room, without spending much and taking better advantage of the space. In addition, we propose small works to make it more comfortable.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 White as the main color in floor, walls and lingerie

The use of a single color in the coverings and bedding makes this room appear larger and bright.
- A practical and decorative headboard. It has been made with slats of white painted wood and, while protecting the wall, serves as a support for the lamps.
- More space has been gained for storage by closing the terrace. To get the most out, some shoemakers were made under the window, which were painted just like the wall. It was also used to create a mini living area by installing an armchair with footrest.

2 Custom headboard

Making work furniture is the most practical solution when there are irregular walls, as was the case in this room.
- To incorporate the pillar that was in the wall, it was decided to make a headboard by raising a 1.10 m high wall and the same width as the column. In this way it was fully integrated into the furniture.
- Fabrics very well combined. Red calls, on the quilt, cushions and screen, and prints with that tone, on curtains and cushions, with white as the base, put a cheerful note in this bedroom. The fabrics, like the bedside table, of Canvas.

3 Custom and entelado headboard

To decorate this space, which was not very large, the following solutions were sought:
- Work furniture. A wall, wall to wall, which was later found to be the headboard and bedside table. The rest of the wall was covered with sheets of painted wood.
- Color in the bedding. The color note with the quilt and the cushions, with gray and pink striped fabric, of Texture has been placed on the white of the cover and the quilt.

4 Coated in lacquered wood

To be able to insulate and decorate this room, located in the attic, wood that is a very warm material was used.
- A headboard with integrated bedside tables. Tailor-made, the headboard also houses two open side modules and wall lamps.
- Uneven cabinets. They have been tailored to take advantage of the space that was under the slab beam. In addition, they have been covered with lacquered wood like the rest of the room.

5 Intense blue to give more warmth to a dormer bedroom

The same pattern, in different materials, gives a personality full of charm to this room.
- To gain more light. Installing a window in the ceiling was the solution chosen to give natural light to this attic bedroom. A Velux model was placed.
- Wood and blue. It is a combination that always works well and is the one chosen to decorate this bedroom in which the old ceiling beams have been respected. Maderason also the two furniture chosen as bedside tables. Elcabecero and the canapé have been upholstered to match the paper.

6 Take advantage of the passage area for cabinets

In this bedroom a lot of storage space has been gained and it has been given a rustic air with recycled furniture.
- Custom cabinets. Two twin wardrobes with lacquered doors have been made around the bathroom access door just like the one in the bathroom. In this way, space is saved for storage and the furniture is unified.
- Renovated furniture. Reupholstered sidewalks, matching the cushions, create a bedside support area. The header has also been updated by stripping it.

7 Dressing room behind the headboard and bathroom

A good distribution has allowed to create a dressing room and a bathroom in this bedroom that opens to a patio.
- Three in one. A sliding glass door, on the right. from the bed, gives access to the bedroom that communicates with the dressing room, on whose back the headboard rests.
- Bookstore in the heights. To take advantage of the high ceiling height, a bookcase has been made at the top, placing two shelves of lacquered wood, just like the back of the dressing room, which make a corner and adapt to the unevenness of the ceiling.

8 Renovated with wallpaper and with a new seating area

This bedroom overlooked a small terrace, which was closed to make it more spacious and, at the same time, gain light.
- The coatings were changed and unified. A striped paper, from El Corte Inglés, was chosen for the bedroom. The soil was unified by placing a platform in the area won.
- New reading and work area. A large open space in the wall communicates the rest area with the old terrace, where a reading corner has been placed with an upholstered armchair to match the quilt and, in the background, a work area. All this space has been painted in white.

9 keys to create a very oriental air

The furniture and the paper chosen for the wall give a very personal style to this bedroom, in which the cheerful combination of colors stands out.
- Use natural materials, as has been done in this space, in which the headboard area has been papered with a beautiful bamboo paper, from Canterano.
- Choose furniture with straight lines. The bed, tatami type, and bedside tables, are inspired by oriental models. Of Canterano.

10 With shelves of different widths

In this attic bedroom small works were carried out, to make the room more profitable and give it natural light.
- A very exploited room. A bookcase and a closet cover one of the walls of the room. To make room for the bedside table, a narrow bookcase was made, on the side of the bed and then the 60 cm deep wardrobe.
- A paper that gives amplitude to the room. The vertical stripes give a sensation of height to the spaces. For this reason, the lower wall was papered with a pattern of blue stripes. The closet doors were papered with the same wallpaper.

11 Gain space with hanging modules

The entree that was in this room has been used to put the bed and has stood out more with the paint.
- Play with two colors. A delicate gray tone covers the lower part of the wall that also acts as a headboard.
- Custom furniture. A baseboard, with a drawer hanging, both lacquered, make a bedside table.

12 Incorporates certain recycled parts

Brown tones and objects with a lot of personality fill this bedroom with charm.
- Gain storage space. A piece of furniture from an old printing press is perfect for this room because of the large number of drawers it has.
- Well decorated walls. The earth tone used to paint them gives the room a lot of warmth. The decoration has been completed with a large picture.