Tips to save on pool maintenance

Tips to save on pool maintenance

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How to have the pool always ready without spending too much

To avoid spending too much on pool maintenance, disinfect and clean with some frequency: check the jets where the water comes out so that they do not get clogged; disassemble the nozzles and clean them often and check if the basket of skimmers is
full, so you can collect new leaves or insects.

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Saline chlorination, cheaper

This disinfection system is more natural and, in the long run, more economical, since the investment in the installation of the equipment (the chlorinator and the common salt) is amortized in a short time, since the salt is reused and it is not necessary to acquire more Chlorine tablets or other chemicals.

The speed pumps variable adjust speed and water flow. ECO Intex salt chlorination system € 125.94 Buy it here

Cover the pool at night

If you are in the mountains and the water is very cold at night, use a blanket to prevent it from losing temperature. It is a "sheath" of polyethylene that has an anti-UV treatment on its outer face, while the interior is air bubbles. An effective thermal insulation. Solar pool cover Intex 24.95 € Buy it here

The solar heaters They are another great formula. They work by solar energy and raise the temperature between 3-6º C. Solar pool heater Gre 139,99 € Buy it here Related contents Pool cleaner Removable pools!