A unique rural house

A unique rural house

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Framed by the bucolic beauty of the Serrania de Ronda, The lodge owns an exceptional miscegenation between rural house and luxury hotel; a unique possibility to gather family or friends in a unique and private space. The residence of seven double rooms is rented complete with the services of a hotel, which include body treatments, massages and magnificent chefs. An unusual project carried out by Christina and Pom Piek, married for over 20 years and parents of Gina and Pablo, also participate in this unique family adventure. The origin of the project is in the passion that everyone feels for the environment, a deep-rooted feeling that is reflected in every corner of the large estate and residence.

Proof of this, and the good taste of its owners, is the suggestive decoration of the living room, with Colonial reminiscences, high ceilings of painted beams and large windows overlooking the mountain. Too the rooms are evocative, with their teak canopies and steamy mosquito nets; In addition, all of them have their own bathroom and private terrace or garden. Each room, corner and detail are designed, in short, to slow down time and enjoy the best company of a delicious stay in the Andalusian countryside.

Address: Partido de los Frontones, s / n, Ronda (Málaga).
Tel.: 952 114 355
Web: www.thelodgeronda.com

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Light, breeze and calm are the attractions that catch the husped and seduce him on each visit. The residence of seven double rooms is rented complete with the services of a hotel, which include body treatments, massages and magnificent chefs.

Private terraces

All rooms have a private garden or terrace for those precious moments of lonely privacy.


In tune with the independent spirit of each room, the bathrooms are personal and different. Everyone has, of course, with a bathtub; but some also have a large shower area.

A great room to share

A magnificent conditioning makes the house the perfect residence for winter getaways. In addition to heating in all environments, it offers the possibility of sitting by the fire, both in common areas and in some rooms.

The house has spacious rooms

Each environment was projected based on the total capacity of the house. The ultimate goal is to have space for all tenants, both in the living room and in the dining room.

Hotel services

The great advantage of this house for rent is the possibility of having the services of a large hotel. These include body treatments and massages, as well as cooking, with an organic garden and fish brought every day from the Andalusian coast.

Excursions from The Lodge They make up a rich range of offers, both cultural and sports. From the inescapable walk through the city of Ronda to the excursion to Seville, Jerez or Malaga, all at 90 minutes. Visits to the wineries in the area are also organized. From the house, In addition, you can take long walks, ride a horse, fly in a hang glider or balloon, cycle routes or, of course, lie down to sunbathe by the pool or read a good book in the shade of an oak. For the more adventurous, They organize a wide variety of activities such as descent through natural canyons, hiking, 4x4 routes, climbing, paintball, caving or quad routes.


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