More technological kitchens ... The future is here

More technological kitchens ... The future is here

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Gadgets, virtual assistants and smart appliances are the latest in the latest to have a kitchen equipped to the last. But there is also a world of App (s) that will make our lives much easier.


Voice commands allow to start a roast at the desired time or start the washing machine. The technology Conneted Ktichen, from Dornbracht, in combination with the platform Smart home of digitalStrom, it manages that before the voice command "wash the lettuce", the sink is filled with water with the optimum quantity and temperature.

Touch surfaceIt is a touch device of the firm Loxone that is integrated into the countertop to control functions, such as activating the bell.

The best-known voice assistants, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allow you to manage appliances using Wi-Fi or Lan.

The Google Home smart speaker, with Google Assistant integrated, allows to control by voice the appliances that are handled with apps via Wi-Fi (€ 149 at Leroy Merlin).


Technologies like HomeWhiz, connect smart appliances to smartphone to control them from anywhere. Thanks to her, Beko signature dishwashers tell you when to buy more supplies, or the Corner wash de Grundig directly orders your purchase from Amazon when they are finished. But it is not the only one. The technology Hob2Hood, of AEG, it facilitates which plate and bell are related wirelessly; the app 6th Sense Live coordinate the induction hob and the bell W Collection, of Whirlpool; Y With @ ctivity 2.0 it records the information of plates of the signature Miele and transmits it to its bells Triple Y Mashed potatoes so that they adjust to the optimum power level.


Through applications, appliances of different firms - including the oven Ioven Inox, from Teka- they have virtual chefs that guide the culinary experience. The oven Dialog, by Miele, uses electromagnetic wave technology that responds to the texture of each food intelligently, and through your app Miele @ mobile, The user accesses recipes, videos and shopping lists.

Oven W Collection, Whirlpool (€ 1,399).

The oven W Collection, Whirlpool has a virtual advisor with MP3 sound quality. App 6Th Sense Live It includes specific indications for this model, which make the recipes perfect. When hydrolytic cleaning is activated, the oven synchronizes with the hood so that it turns on alone


Pouring the exact amount of water to prepare a pizza is possible with Evol-S Volume, from the Blanco firm.

Smart faucet Evol-S Volume, from the Blanco firm (from € 736.89).

Its measuring wheel allows you to adjust the ml we want to come out of the tap, without wasting a drop. In addition, it incorporates an intelligent control, so that the greater the amount of water desired, the more powerful the flow is to take less time to fill the container.


The interior cameras of the appliances can also be controlled via smartphone. "The Liebherr firm has refrigerators that allow the consumer to see where and when he wants what is inside him thanks to technology SmartDevice ", explain from the AMC (Kitchen Furniture Association).


Tablets and mobile phones have become true centers for the management of smart appliances, either remotely or from the kitchen itself. Monolith, by Schmidt, is a rotating block for utensils and spices, which includes a mobile tray.

Rotating block


Through apps For Android and iOS, you can also control programmable Wi-Fi plugs from your phone; Check the signature Simon.


Do not miss in the kitchen a support to support the tablet and follow step by step that recipe that interests you. You can leave this model on the countertop or hang from a bar fixed on the work front.

Support Vivalla, from Ikea. It is made of bamboo veneer (€ 10).