A flat (small) very well used and decorated with a refined industrial style

A flat (small) very well used and decorated with a refined industrial style

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Miriam Yeleq

A standard floor can become a unique space. This has been filled with good distribution solutions that make the square meters and the light profitable, as well as bright and yet expensive decorative ideas. The house of David and Raquel, their owners, is an example of a modern and functional home, but compatible with super cozy interiors. It is what they wanted and the objective was fulfilled.

A HALL IMAGINATIVE. In the hall, a low cabinet in salmon lacquer puts a cheerful spark and is very practical as a storage space; is the model LAUfrom Treku A luminous box and a mirror by House Doctor shine on it. The hanging lamp, from Liderlamp. Miriam Yeleq

An open concept house

To take advantage of the full potential of housing, they commissioned the renovation and decoration project to the company Acana Interiorismo (, which modified the distribution by proposing a communicated surface.

CALLING CONTRAST IN THE HALL. The colors of the room create a powerful and modern background: blue is the KP carpet that coordinates with the wall. The white sofa is accompanied by two square poufs in a cheerful mustard, all from Frajumar. The custom mirror with black wrought iron frame, by Keiblair, and a cascading lamp decorate the corner. Miriam Yeleq PAINTED PAPER AND PAINT. To highlight and give relevance to a living area, it has been decorated with wallpaper Concrete Cire, from Tres Tintas. The result simulates a great abstract picture on which beautiful appliques look. The furniture is from Dica, and the decorative objects, from Ikea. Miriam Yeleq

The public areas - living room and kitchen - are linked through a large opening that offers spaciousness and lets light from one end to another. A breakfast bar and a black floor that breaks the continuity of the pavement and delimits the kitchen, visually separates the two environments.

Color choice

In the house predominates cold and sober tones, but well seasoned with powerful
warm Black, blue, gold ... is the palette chosen by the owners. The living room has been decorated in blues that, in contrast to mustard tones in accessories such as poufs, are very elegant. In the hall, a salmon piece of furniture next to a black lamp with a metallic structure is the original letter of presentation of the house. The dining room is the transition area between living room and kitchen - completely white - and has been resolved by combining chairs of this color and others in light wood tone with a dark table, resulting in a space
Very current.

A VERY MODERN DINING ROOM. The dining room combines the same design of chairs in two different finishes, which is added to the table - in dark wood - which makes the set more dynamic. A stylish balloon lamp illuminates it. Still life of vases. They are carried in a group of two or three and in a different color and shape, like these from House Doctor. Miriam Yeleq KITCHEN OPEN AND WITH BAR. A composition of Milano 45 modules in porcelain, from Dica, forms a compact front of cabinets without handles. This set integrates the AEG refrigerator and the De Dietrich appliances. The breakfast bar separates the kitchen and the living room, and has been illuminated with a row of lamps, from the IconsCorner firm. For the ground dark ceramic has been chosen to delimit the kitchen. Model Tectonic Anthracite, from Saloni. Miriam Yeleq

In private areas, such as the bedroom, attempts have been made to maintain continuity with the rest of the house, although a parenthesis of calm and tranquility has been created in it. A refuge to rest in. In fact, the bed is the star element, and to highlight the beautiful headboard that wall was lined with wallpaper in white tones. This coating has also been used in the living room to easily achieve shocking effects ... and they have been achieved without a doubt!

IN THE BEDROOM, SERENOS AZULES. The bed is the protagonist, with its headboard in imitation leather with gallons, made in Tapicería Pedro Macías. Stand out on white wallpaper Lena White, from Khroma. The simple ceiling lamp offers reading light and is from Aromas. An original wrought iron staircase, by Keiblair, acts as a bedside table and exhibits objects, such as white cacti. Next, an AM dresser completes the furniture. Miriam Yeleq WAREHOUSE SPACE IN THE BATHROOM. In this large piece of furniture, with drawers and a unique design, everything you need is stored in the bathroom. It's from Dica, model Milano 45, in cement and gray smoke, and the wall taps, from Tres. The mirror is backlit. Miriam Yeleq

Lamps ... Bright!

As for the industrial style that David and Raquel wanted, he settled down not only thanks to the color palette, but also to the metal and iron furniture, such as the bedroom bookcase or the stools or lamps that illuminate the kitchen bar. These and the rest of the house, with beautiful sculptural forms, from firms such as Creative Cables and Aromas (in living room and dining room), Liderlamp, IconsCorner, etc. An aesthetic element of the first order in this young home so warm, cozy and beautiful.


pouf extra seat

To buy

121 €

Pouf Nazca, in mustard color, from Kave Home.

Vases Crystal Vases

To buy

20,45 €

Mix sizes and colors. Vases of House Doctor.

lamp ceiling lamp

To buy

33,49 €

Metal rods add a very chic industrial touch.

Bath game Bath game

To buy

21,38 €

Set with 3 pieces of ceramics, from Zeller.

House plan

There is no wasted corner thanks to a plant of chained spaces that makes available available meters and light. The passage between them is fluid and very comfortable: the house seems with this distribution much larger than it really is. Great!

PLANE Miriam Yeleq