11 ways to recycle old frames

11 ways to recycle old frames

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Exhibition cabinet for the bathroom

With a beautiful old frame you can make this chic wardrobe to store your soaps, creams, shampoos ... See the step by step in www.iheartnaptime.net

2 tea tray

Invite your friends to snack and present the tea or your favorite beverage in this vintage tray made with an old frame, a stencil and spray paint. To make it easier to transport and give a chic touch, add elegant handles. Watch the step christinasadventures.com

3 Dessert tray

Impress your guests at the end of the meal by serving desserts in this original tray. You just have to paint the edge of the frame a bold color, line the back with fabric or a fun paper and place a mirror. Watch the step by step in: ruffledblog.com

4 Photo collage

By removing the glass back and adding some wires, you can re-use an old frame to make a collage with all your photos. A plus of charm? Add colored lights around the frame to get a soft theanastasiaco.com

5 Mini greenhouse

If you like crafts, get several frames and design this beautiful oasis for your favorite Victorian plants. Watch the step by step at: www.countryliving.com

6 Gold seems ...

But is not! With acrylic paint, a fun polka dot sheet and an old frame you can make this decorative piece to give an elegant touch to your wall.Look step by step at: lollyjane.com

7 How beautiful!

A can of spray paint quickly brings life back to an old frame. If you paint it in white, add a touch of color under the glass with a nice paper and you will have an original tray to place the makeup and your beauty products. Watch the step by step at: www.iheartorganizing.com

8 From frame to shelf

Add a wooden module at the back of the frame and you will get some improvised mini-shelves. When hanging on the wall, the position of the frames varies to create more visual interest. Look step by step: changeofsceneries.blogspot.com.es

9 Magnetic board to organize

With a magnetic table and an old vertical frame of generous dimensions you can get this practical blackboard to write down your pending tasks, appointments, recipes ... See the step to pasowww.thehouseofsmiths.com

10 Wall of flowers

Fill any wall of your house with fresh flowers hanging vases inside old frames. You will have a nice collage like this one! Look step by step whitsamusebouche.com

11 An elegant composition

Become an antique store with frames of various sizes and models. Choose a color, paint them and organize to your liking a sophisticated composition on the wall. Watch the step by step in makelyhome.com