The most chic Easter eggs!

The most chic Easter eggs!

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Bjarni B. Jacobsen / Living4Media / Gtres

Let the Nordic style flood the Easter party with its elegant simplicity. Get spring with eggs, details antique And a lot of creativity.

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The egg, so present at Easter celebrations, becomes here a delicate ornamental piece.

The oriental letters provide an arty air and with a refined pedestal, like a porcelain cup with silver edge and several stacked plates, it gains height and visual interest.

It is even more spectacular, protected by a glass bell, similar in Maisons du Monde and Ikea.

Very personal Bjarni B. Jacobsen / Living4Media / Gtres

Decorated with a sealing seal in silver gray it transforms into a vintage deco detail. Any reason will stand out for its relief and drawing on the shell. In this case, placed on an old silver strainer, the egg is transformed into a deco jewel. Varied stamps at

Other idea
Reinterpret the tradition of classic chocolate eggs. We suggest you print a sweet stamp on those who will decorate the Easter table. Enter the blog Molinas Things for more information; but we anticipate that you only need an unsealed sealing seal and chocolate to melt.

Well tied Bjarni B. Jacobsen / Living4Media / Gtres

The decoration of the easter eggs Only your imagination has a limit!

The proposals of the Scandinavian countries, more minimal and refined than the classic Anglo-Saxon tradition, are very inspiring.

Simple but with great impact this proposal: apply watercolor effect paint, to clarify the whiteness of the shell and integrate it into the tones of the table. The chic note is put by a string and the delicate detail, the lilac feather.

Scandi look Bjarni B. Jacobsen / Living4Media / Gtres

Move the keys of the Nordic tendency to an element as mini as an egg. Ideal in this centerpiece the alternation of some nudes with others decorated with twine and trimmings.

Its minimalism contrasts with the rich carved ornamentation of the tray that welcomes them.

Black & white
Together, these two colors form an irresistible binomial, which manages to turn any detail into a focal point. Yes, also in Easter decoration. Because of its bold contrasts, you'll like eggs Bunny, by Affari, in wood, decorated with multiple motifs in black and white.

Trendy Easter

The violet tone adds to the Easter decoration to renew its color palette. Surprise everyone by incorporating it into the Happy easter of this year. In this case, the eggs are adorned with dazzling sparkles and handmade motifs.

The most skilled surely know how to extract the inside of the shell and then decorate it; but if you want to make it easier, you can always buy fake eggs from materials such as polystyrene, wood, paper ...


Collect them! Bjarni B. Jacobsen / Living4Media / Gtres

Celebrate Easter with your own designs, where your creativity is reflected in eggs of various sizes. Experiment and enjoy.

Decorating them is fun and engaging ... in addition, you can involve children, with more free time in this period of school holidays.

Colorful, this composition of decorated Easter eggs based on the trend Mix & Match