How to make an express reform to renovate the bathroom?

How to make an express reform to renovate the bathroom?

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If the color of the tiles does not convince you, change it but first you must clean them thoroughly. Spray on them a mixture of water and vinegar, in equal parts, to remove mold, moisture and soap stains. Rub them with a soft sponge and use a toothbrush in difficult areas, such as joints and corners. Dry them well with a dry cloth and shine them. Now that they shine, paint them with a specific acrylic glaze for tiles, such as Leroy Merlin's Ultra Waterproof Tile Glaze. In a wide range of colors and different finishes.


Would you like to extend your bathroom even if it is visual? Replace that column cabinet with a cabinet under the sink and you will win in meters. Opt for removable modules with wheels, low furniture at ground level, benches or bunkers. Wicker baskets will help you keep organized towels, hygiene products and cosmetics.


Don't underestimate the impact of a new toilet. The most advanced technologies present revolutionary models, such as the award-winning W + W (washbasin + watercloset), by Roca; A state-of-the-art design that combines a sink and toilet in one piece. With a minimalist line, the sink is incorporated in the upper part of the toilet tank, which allows the water we use to wash ourselves to be reused in the discharge of the tank. In addition to saving space, you will spend less water. Another option to consider is the new toilets without discharge edges that allow a fast and thorough hygiene, such as DirectFlush, by Villeroy & Boch.


They are a fundamental element in our personal hygiene, but they also fulfill a decorative function. If you want to change yours, consider the style you want to give the bathroom: vintage, rustic, Nordic ... With or without a frame, choose it according to the width of the washbasin cabinet. Opt for an adhesive model, if the bathroom tiles are smooth, you will avoid making holes. Fix it with double-sided tape or putty putty, both specific to the bathroom, which resist moisture well.


Do you want to keep the hydraulic floor in perfect condition? Apply a waterproofing treatment with a sponge to avoid liquid stains. Clean it daily with water and neutral soap and, once a month, add a wax plug to the scrub water. Have you broken one or two tiles? No problem! In Mosaista they are made to measure. And if you want to recreate these designs without doing work, opt for a vinyl floor that mimics the hydraulic material, hit the mark!


The white walls give a feeling of cleanliness and luminosity, but that monochromatic tendency can get tired. If this is the case with your bathroom, we advise you to keep a blank area (for example, the tiles) and introduce a bright color (green, blue or yellow) on a wall or part of it. You will love the result! You will continue to have light, but you will add a necessary plus of joy.


The taps are one of the focal points of any bathroom. Update the ones you have for models that combine aesthetics, functionality and water savings, such as double-position faucets for the sink and thermostatic, in the shower. Choose high or low spout depending on the type of sink you have, on top or integrated. And if the water intakes are on the wall, opt for a built-in model. In any case, bet on chrome finishes, as they prevent corrosion and give the whole a bright touch.


If you like the mirror you have on the sink, but you miss an integrated light, dare to place a pair of spotlights flanking it. Make sure that they have the IP21 protection index at least (it is listed on the packaging), which protects against the possible penetration in the installation of solid and liquid objects. Another super practical idea that will barely take away your space is to fix a magnifying mirror with an extensible arm in a corner that facilitates makeup or shaving.


Would you like the towels were always dry and well placed? Choose a bar design, single or double, that allows you to extend them without problem so they dry faster. And if you want to be up to date, support or fix a wooden ladder on the wall and separate the towels of every member of the house on each step. Now that you have a great exhibitor, the time has come to invest in textiles. Take advantage of the times of sales to change the smooth and monotonous towels for cotton curl models in suggestive colors and patterns of geometric design, jacquard or embroidery.


Since when do you have the toilet roll holder, the toilet brush holder, the dispensers or the cups for toothbrushes? It will seem a lie, but just by replacing the accessories with new and current ones, your bathroom will change its appearance. Forget to choose them to match and throw yourself to mix designs and materials: glass, wood, wicker, ceramics ... The mix & match is the trend. How about a basket to store paper rolls or a golden soap dish to give it an irresistible touch of glamor?

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The joints of the tiles eventually get dirty or break off, which causes uncomfortable water leaks in the shower or bathtub area. Before the solution was to make a grout, a nuisance! Now, the putty is prepared to apply in tube or in the form of a marker. Much more practical!

To take advantage of

A mirror with shelf, a shelf on the toilet, the window sill ..., can be a good extra storage solution, but not in any way. Use mini boxes or baskets to have everything organized and, as decoration, a natural detail, from a box to a bouquet of flowers.

Wooden mirror

With the interior of the frame lacquered in pink. Wooden mirror Bamboo, in 60 x 60 x 8 cm, from Bloomingville (€ 61).

With drip system

Swivel spout tap Gaudiby Ramon Soler (€ 221.80).

Hydraulic floor

A traditional and enduring design. Collection hydraulics Twentieth century, in 20 x 20 cm, of Mosaist (€ 86 / m2).

Hyacinth basket

Have towels at hand. Water hyacinth basket Pestle, from Affari (€ 80.22 / 3).

Cotton towels

With soft velvety texture. Cotton towels in floral jacquard, from Zara Home (€ 11.99 / € 22.99).

Copper candle holder

Use a tea candle holder as a mini pot. Copper candle holder Alice, from Affari (€ 4.32).

A geometric flamenco

Picture Flamingo Graphic; It measures 34 x 44 cm and is from Maisons du Monde (€ 17.56).

Single lever mixer

With front opening in cold water. Single lever mixer Atlas, from Roca (from € 110).

White and gold brass

Wall light Alouette, from (€ 400 approx.).

In three colors

Hydraulic tile Nostrum 64, of Mosaist (€ 86 / m2).