A contemporary design floor

A contemporary design floor

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Cosmopolitan and avant-garde. This floor is pure design. A reform that takes advantage of the space, a shared common area, perfect work solutions and an interior design of ten. Impossible not to fall in love with this house with views over Barcelona and with the sea in the background.

On the occasion of Barcelona Design Week 2015, the architecture and interior design studio YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona He presented this contemporary style project.

The study sought the redistribution of space (113 m2 + 20 m2 terrace), granting prominence to the common spaces - living room, dining room and kitchen - and directing them outwards, through the window through which the floor communicates with the terrace. The longitudinal window is precisely a screen where the views of the city are projected. The kitchen is another of the pillars of the house with a clean, warm and office design. It also highlights the series of built-in appliances, from Miele.

The spaces that require greater privacy - bedroom and bathroom - are moved inside, so that long corridors are eliminated and the distribution areas are more integrated.

In interior design they stand out design pieces and works by the American sculptor Frank Plant, the photographer Ciro Frank Schiappa and the graphic communication studio Oi Comunicació. In addition, in the reform the home automation It occupies a preferred place. Through the system Myhome, of Bticino, the ignition, the intensity of the illumination or the position of the curtains are controlled by means of elegant tactile screens, of the series Axolute

On a whim and in detail! This apartment is a must.

Framed in Barcelona Design Week 2015, this project was opened to the public in an exceptional way

Photography: Eugeni Pons

Advertising - Keep reading under the window

The window becomes the protagonist. A longitudinal front that fills the day space with light and communicates the interior of the house with the outside, where the terrace is located. The views over Barcelona are a plus. The window has a frame in graphite color, which fits with the chosen shades to decorate the interior: medium gray and white combined with black brushstrokes. In addition, a perimeter lighting system is hidden in the perimeter of the window: an LED strip and lamps Minigrid in Trimless, from Deltalight.

Seating area

The living area is organized in front of the window with a large sofa in L and a couple of side tables as a coffee table. The wall decoration personalizes the space, it is a sculpture in painted steel, by Frank Plant, from the Víctor Lope gallery.

To protect the interior from the afternoon sun, the window has roller blinds in fabric screen Graphite color too, from Acor.

Sofa by Casadesús. Lamp TMM, from Santa i Cole. Coffee table Nelson, of Vitra. Carpet Escarpment, of Matèria.

At sunset

View of the interior of the house, at sunset. With views over the city and a careful atmosphere on the floor, thanks to a well raised lighting.

Wood and black dining room

View of the dining room, also attached to the window to enjoy natural light. The wooden table contrasts with the chairs in black and the ceiling lamps, three screens in black with the metallic interior. The white walls give luminosity to the whole.

Table EM Table, chairs Plastic Side Chairs, of Vitra, and suspension lamps Beat, by Tom Dixon in Lumens.

The terrace

The YLAB architecture and interior design studio also knew how to create a current atmosphere on the terrace, which implies a continuity of the interior.

It is finished in graphite color. Pavement, planters and bench, covered with Domo porcelain tiles, from Inalco. The cushions are upholstered with a special fabric for outdoor (Dickson brand). The teak wood coffee table is from HK Living and brings warmth to a sophisticated set.

The lamp is the model Creek, from Marset, and creates a perfect setting to enjoy the views.

Separation module

The living area and dining room share space with the kitchen although the areas are delimited, in this case, through a white central cabinet with an open space, which hides the sound equipment and speakers, through special coated fronts in white acoustic fabric. The fusion is perfect to integrate into the environment of straight lines.

Kitchen in a front

It is distributed in a wide linear front, organized in low and high modules and column furniture at one end. Next to the window, an attached dining room.

Black countertop, by Seaquarz. Induction hob PowerFlex KM 6348, de Miele, is completely flush with the countertop.

The office

Again in the kitchen a mixture with strength, black & white, heated by wood, used to cover the front. In the zone of office, The wall is transformed and organized into a bookcase, visually lighter than warehouse modules.

Precisely the oak wood bottom and the graphite shelves make the kitchen merge with the living room, communicated visually.

Separator element

View of the kitchen, the separator module (which delimits but maintains visual continuity with being through the opening) and the passage area to the living room, in the background.

The extractor hood in white, Mini Pure Line, Novy, is hidden in a top piece of furniture.

Wood and white

View of the kitchen from the passage area to be, following the access to the house. The oak wood of the pavement creates a pleasant contrast with the white of the furniture or the walls and the black graphite of some elements. A choice of materials that balances the entire project.

Kitchen furniture detail

The oven and microwave are installed in a column. Two models of careful design, minimalist and current, and innovative functions have been chosen: the multifunction oven H 6660 BP EDST / CLST and the built-in microwave M 6030 SC EDST / CLST, from Miele.

It is important that appliances facilitate the tasks of food preparation, cooking and cleaning. The built-in option integrates them perfectly in any kitchen, such as Generation 6000, by Miele, and also a variety of finishes.

Front wash detail

In the front of the work area the back panel in oak wood and the graphite shelves of the office. Franke's stainless steel and black glass sink are flush with the countertop.

The bedroom

It maintains the same contemporary, warm and soft line of the rest of the house. Wood acquires prominence again, here also present in the headboard, clad in oak.

It has a dressing area, which gives access to the bedroom. This has been furnished with a bed and a few bedside tables, from Besform.

Astral wall and mattress covering. Bed linen, by Kokoklim and Matèria, and linen curtain, by Acor.

Work space

The studio communicates with the living room through a sliding door. YLAB designed the custom furniture in white lacquer. Next to the work table, storage shelves. In the reading area, the armchair Artek, the lamp Pole, of Marset, and several poufs, of Matèria.


Sophisticated and sober. Fully clad in gray porcelain tile, except the ceiling, which is oak wood. A custom cabinet with mirror doors flush with the walls is placed over the sink, the model suspended in white lacquer, from Ikebe.

Taps and accessories Study-three and Loft-three, of Three, complete the details.


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