Trending walls: compositions and mural art

Trending walls: compositions and mural art

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Pictures, photos and sheets are excellent options to decorate the walls. No one questions it. But there is life beyond
of them and other options that allow us to turn them into the key element of a space. They will win style if you bet on deco pieces with good design, which form an ideal composition, or for mural art, from which you can see numerous examples on websites such as AllModern, Wall Accents section, or Kirklands, Wall Decorations section. What are you waiting for to release walls?

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They are unique to transform the walls into spectacular canvases maxi. Those inspired by classical architecture, with their symmetry, balance and vintage patina, convey feelings of order and serenity. Mural Architecture of the collection Random Papers II, of Coordonné; It is made to measure (from 49.50 / m2).

Arty design

Another alternative to paintings, prints and photographs is this type of artistic design, and original, composed of several united elements - mirrors in this case; vegetal, coastal, abstract motifs ... in others- to form a single piece. Mirror Kunst, from Broste Copenhagen, in 45 x 2 x 93 cm, which can be placed vertically or horizontally (133.90).

With paper

Create your wall ornaments. Rosettes or medallions are so easy to make that they are available to anyone. Make several and create a festive composition around the furniture you want to enhance. In this proposal crafty of Ikea, ideal for redecorating the wall in all kinds of celebrations, the desk Knotten (€ 149), converted into a bar cabinet, acquires an air deluxe with the motives handmade.


Along with these lines, the infallible resource to give an arty brushstroke to the decoration giving the wall a greater role. On the sofa, a mural with juxtaposition of pieces that, due to its play of volumes and contrasts, arouses maximum interest. Mural Kioko, in metal (€ 121.90), sofa Dealia, Lara bench and cushions, by Lene Bjerre.


The diversity of shapes, materials and styles makes them pieces with great decorative potential. Group them on a wall, but with a certain visual order. The diagonal lines that form some here are key to achieving a balanced composition. Mirrors sun of rattan, in Urban Outfitters, and the squares, of Mirrors of Possibility.

First steps

Decide which wall you want to decorate, what surface your composition can occupy, what visual effect it will have on space and if the background color is appropriate or you should change it.

Creativity yes, chaos no. It will be easier to get the composition right
if the pieces have something in common because although they are different, they are all mirrors, plates or hats ... Dare with a collage of many pieces if the set is not overwhelming and conveys some visual harmony. It will help you to make a sketch and draw central or diagonal axes to arrange the imaginary pieces or lines above and / or below to serve as a guide.

Yes to wall art, ready to place. They are mural art designs, like this one by Lola Home, designed for the headboard wall; It measures 1.30 x 0.64 m (€ 99.90).


We call this type of textile element tapestry, and also panel, a trend in interior decoration, to which they add color, warmth and texture. Models Cross and Morocco, by Lorena Canals, handmade, in washable cotton (€ 45 each).

Wood panel

If you want a dynamic decoration that varies and suits your life and the four seasons of the year, this proposal is perfect! You just have to change the motifs placed on the strings, which are fixed with tweezers or with transparent nylon thread, depending on your rhythm and the calendar. Wooden panel (€ 3.99) with navy details (from € 3 in Very Much).


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